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Just been house-hunting. We looked at one which has damp and which is cold; the current tenant claims that it's not a problem. Also, the fourth bedroom is right at the top of a set of corkscrew stairs, which could be problematic when drunk. Everything else seems all right, though.

Is anyone else having problems with iPlayer? Whenever I try and put something on, it tells me that the content isn't working right now and that I should check back later (this has been going on for at least a week?). Thankfully it didn't conk out in the middle of Einstein and Eddington, else I would've screamed.

Einstein and Eddington, by the way:

spoilers )
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[ profile] fannish5: Name five plot points/arcs you hated in fandoms you ordinarily love.

1. Doctor Who, "Journey's End".
Okay, I loved all of this right up to the part where spoilers come in )

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the entirety of S6. Also, S4. Well, okay, not "Once More With Feeling" (except for the Xander bit). This has been rehashed over and over, too. Blahblah heavencakes, wtfspike, Willow.

3. Indiana Jones, the insistence on having native tribes (occasionally mummified) defending the artefacts. Yes, that was the thing which annoyed me about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, not spoilers ) Also - and I realise I'm just being cranky here - it makes me so sad that priceless artefacts and the answers to countless archaeological mysteries always end up being destroyed or buried or GAAAAAAAAAAH. Indiana Jones = worst archaeologist ever.

4. The ending of The Dark is Rising sequence. I count it as second in my Top Ten Most Traumatising Endings to a Children's Fantasy Series. Guess which is first. Go on. Guess.

5. That Thing What Happens In The S2 Finale of Robin Hood. Actually, this one is cheating, 'cause I stopped watching RH about halfway through S2. But I no longer want to start watching again, shall we say.
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Doctor Who 4x12, The Stolen Earth )

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I've decided that for every book/film/telly programme I read/watch this summer, I will write about. Not only will this make me feel better about how much I read (more than I think, apparently), but it will also make sure I update regularly and talk about interesting matters when I do so, which will be an improvement.

That said:

Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett )

Last but not least, The Turtle Moves.
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Name 5 characters you didn't like at first, but eventually learned to love.

1. Hermione and Benvolio, Romeo x Juliet.
Yes, I'm totally cheating here. They start off as complete drips - I think Hermione's only lines in the first seven episodes or so consist of "Romeo-sama!" repeated ad nauseam. Benvolio, meanwhile, is like a less interesting version of Romeo. And anyone reading this journal knows my opinion of Romeo. But then something changed, i.e. them. Hermione was so damn miserable and ignored by all that I became protective of her. And by "protective", I mean that when Mercutio started trying to manipulate her into turning against Romeo, I laughed with glee because I was so delighted at the prospect of Hermione becoming Lucrezia Borgia or whatnot. Which, er, didn't happen. But something almost as good did: she ran away to Mantua and tried to kill Juliet and then became BFF with her (sort of). And Benvolio! He's utterly useless, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, because after Episode 7 he gets shoved into a situation where he has to be useful or he'll die. So he fetches and carries for Cordelia and Francisco makes fun of him (no, I still love that scene where Francisco suggests that he and Curio should have sex, complete with Rocky Horror hip-thrusting) and his very uselessness and irrelevance becomes endearing.

Note that both of these characters became interesting once they were away from Romeo. I think the only character I've liked in their scenes with Romeo is Mercutio, and that's because Mercutio is so awesome.

2. Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket. Yes, I'm aware that this is sacrilege. I didn't really start liking Yuki until he had more scenes away from Tohru (I thought their relationship in the early volumes was sweet, but fairly boring in comparison with everything else). I think it was Volume 8 which made me genuinely begin to care for him as a character - his scenes with Haru in that are gold. It's the first volume where Yuki begins to develop away from his initial characterisation of "Prince Yuki", where we see his deep-seated insecurities ("I'm so selfish" "No one truly cares for me" "I wish I had friends") and also his good qualities. Nowadays, one of my favourite aspects of Fruits Basket is Yuki's relationship with Haru, how they look out for each other. Haru used to be in love with Yuki. Yuki was the first person to see Haru as Haru, rather than as the Ox. Haru teases Yuki with a completely straight face. Yuki tries to mend fences between Rin and Haru. Haru thinks they were sisters in a previous life! (No, really, for non-Furuba people on my flist. He really does think that.) And then there's the student council chapters - I don't think Yuki will ever find a better friend than Kakeru (except maybe Haru), however annoying he thinks he is. And Yuki is totally the Pink Power Ranger.

3. Sansa Stark, A Song of Ice and Fire. She's actually my favourite character now. She's a bratty, spoilt princess in her first chapters in A Game of Thrones, who you're already expecting to dislike from her sister Arya's chapters, and then of course there's spoilers for ASOIAF in general, just to be on the safe side ) Her role in a less shitty world than that of ASOIAF is, well, Arwen: she's the beautiful woman who bestows her favour on a gentle knight, and who supports her love with a handmade banner, and who is ultimately passive and overshadowed by the woman who fights back (in Sansa's case, Arya). But I've always liked Arwen and Cosette and Lavinia, and any number of women who don't get much in the way of characterisation but a lot in the way of the hero's love. I'm hoping Sansa does get her opportunity to fight back - and that the people who hate her come to understand the power of passive resistance and that there are more, and better, ways to get things done than to stab someone. Also, please, please don't let spoiler! ) rape her. Please, GRRM, I'll do anything.

4. Granny Weatherwax, Discworld. And let that be a lesson to all of you: don't start reading Discworld with Equal Rites. In retrospect, it's probably an excellent book, but to a twelve year old - no. Just no. It bored me senseless. I went on and I read the Watch books and the Death books and the Rincewind books quite happily, but I refused to return to the Granny Weatherwax series. Ever. And then I decided, finally, that I'd have another go - and read Wyrd Sisters. And then Witches Abroad, too, in the same sitting.

5. Susan Pevensie, Narnia. Actually, this is mostly in reaction to The Last Battle. Because I honestly didn't care for Susan all that much (she suffers from what I've heard called the Curse of Susans - usually the second eldest of four and the "mother", forced to be the sensible one and to curb all the gung-ho adventures). Edmund was - and still is - my favourite Narnia character. But Susan gets the short end of the stick all round - she doesn't have a chance to shine on her own, she even gets made into a damsel at one point (The Horse and His Boy) after accidentally starting a war, she's forced to leave Narnia early, she never returns, doesn't go to Aslan's country and, oh, yes, her entire family are killed in a train crash. Musn't forget that part. So I like her, because someone should.
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Things which are annoying me today:

- failing tests on fucking hygiene
- my complete failure to memorise quotes from Doctor Faustus
- people who get into Torchwood without knowing (or, more to the point, caring) about Doctor Who

Yes, I know that last one is petty and elitist. No, I don't care.
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It's just so awesome. I mean, I hate soap operas and it's awesome.

[ profile] acari has a decent overview of why you should watch it. Gay boxers? Adorable brotherly love? The gay boxer and his snarky boyfriend ("Christian. Put some clothes on first.") and their roommate, Judith, who's as cute as a lolcat and is a construction worker? Her boyfriend named a star after her. Or her sort-of boyfriend, there's kind of a love triangle going on there.

Just in case you're not convinced, how about [ profile] loveyouallwrong's picspam of Christian, the boxer who is NOT GAY, REALLY, and of Olli, who is far too nice for him, even if he is snarky. Also, on a completely shallow level, they are both hot like burning.
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...I just stayed up all night arguing about RTD's inclusion of GLBTQI characters in Doctor Who. Someone hold me down the next time I start making lists.

I don't think I've ever really loved a mod before. Oh, [ profile] thehornedgod, you are awesome.

That said, in among the rage-making, there is some really good analysis here. Also mockery and Doctor Who Gay Agenda bingo!

Things I want in the S4 finale:

- no catfighting
- one shot - just one shot! - of Martha, Rose and Donna standing together in a badass pose. Because that would be perfect for the mental fanvid I have to One Girl Revolution. If only I could make vids.
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I. I love it when I have UNEXPECTED PETER CAPALDI on my TV. *is watching old Poirot episodes*

II. Oh, hey, my parents are home from their holiday. I can no longer play rock music at full blast. On the bright side, my next-door neighbour will stop giving me dirty looks.

III. I'm re-reading Shortpacked! and I think I really shouldn't ship Ethan/Mike as much as I do.

IV. I'm reading the Doctor Who anon meme and feeling depressed. I hate being reminded why I'm not really in Doctor Who fandom. Also, it's possible to dislike River Song without being a crazy Doctor/Rose shipper. Really. I've done it. Similar for Steven Moffat.


IVb. Someone rec me genfic? I have decided that my only ships in DW are Mickey/Jake, Doctor/Master and Martha/Donna. Because Mickey/Jake is adorable with added comrades-in-arms charm; because Doctor/Master is epic; because Martha and Donna are BFF. Also, maybe some old-school shipping, but that's optional.

IVc. Okay, am reading Martha/Master fic. Heeeeee. I don't think I could ever love this pairing seriously, but otherwise WIN. (And I'm discovering some affection for Martha/Tom.)

V. Ask me my opinion of any fannish topic. Show, character, storyline, meta issues, kerfuffle, you name it, I shall opine about it.
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Reasons to love Murdoch Mysteries:

- the main character is a guilt-ridden, repressed Catholic detective who geeks out over Victorian science
- one episode has a really good portrayal of a gay community in Toronto circa 1895
- Dr Julia Ogden is like Nan from Jo's Boys when she grew up, only nicer
- okay, there's this bit in the episode "Still Waters":

"Dr Ogden - "


(Murdoch steps forward and kisses her passionately. The camera pulls back - it was a fantasy sequence.)

"Detective Murdoch? You wanted to ask me something?"

"...May I have my bathwater?"

One day they will give into their natural urges and hold hands.

Damn it, where is the fandom?
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Things which have pleased me today:

Sontar-HA! (I've been doing the Sontaran haka all day. It's addictive.);

I've finished the fic I was writing and I don't hate it;

BRIAN BLESSED was on my favourite telly programme last night and will be on it again today;


Five Things Toby Wished He Didn't Remember
Sweeney Todd, Toby.
580 words. Section titles from the musical Les Misérables.

five things toby wished he didn't remember )
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Thoughts on today's Doctor Who, in brief: God, I love it when DW gets political.

Slightly longer thoughts on the TV guide's summary thereof: spoilers under the cut )

*sigh* To get my mind off that - DVD commentary meme, anyone? Comment here with the title of a fic I've written and I'll write commentary for it.
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4x02, The Fires of Pompeii )

Wouldn't it be awesome if at one point the Doctor actually did end up in Rome? By which I mean, late in the Claudian period, so Derek Jacobi could play Claudius?

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Re: the latest Doctor Who S4 spoiler

cut for, surprisingly enough, spoilers )

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm just scared of the wank this will cause. Wank is only funny if it's not my fandom.
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Well, okay. Some. )

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So, I just watched last week's episode of Robin Hood (finally!) and now I have thoughts )
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James McAvoy may be playing Kurt Cobain in biopic

Since I know some people on my flist adore him. :D Lovely as he is, however, I will not be seeing it. I can't watch films where I know they die at the end, I can't stand it. Especially if they commit suicide. Especially if they're gay, too. I only barely managed to bring myself to go and see Brokeback Mountain because spoiler! ) Didn't work, I was a wreck anyway.

This is apparently being written by David Benioff, who wrote Troy, so there's another reason for me to avoid it. Pervert my epic myths, why don't you. Kurt Cobain's descent into drug use will last three weeks instead of years, etc. (Insert edited complaints about Troy which I am too tired to reiterate here.)

Talk about Nottingham

This is the one where Russell Crowe plays the Sheriff and Robin is a terrorist. (Was Original Flavour!Robin Hood a socialist terrorist or a terrorist socialist? Should I shut up about ridiculous semantics?) This means it is literally the polar opposite to our dearly beloved Robin Hood 2006, and shows what happens when the Americans get hold of British stories. (On the other hand, the Americans brought us the greatest Robin Hood film yet and one somehow much more accurate than 2006. I'm talking about the Disney version, of course.)

I think my biggest problem with this twist in the tale is that Russell-Crowe-as-Sheriff is somehow analogous to Jack-Bauer-as-Sheriff, though I am told that Russell Crowe is an actor capable of extraordinary nuance and skill. Apparently.

A tidbit which I'm sure [ profile] just_marzipan will like:

John, known in his own life as John Lackland (because as the youngest son he didn’t get any inheritance) “was actually pretty smart,” Scott insisted. “[But] he got a bad rap because he introduced taxation. So he’s the bad guy in this.”

They seem to be going with the "Richard was made of puppies and awesome!" trope, which works better here than in Robin Hood 2006. Because even though Robin realised the Crusade (which, to be honest, was a Christian jihad, yes?) was a bad idea, Richard obviously didn't, so having Robin still be going on like the sun shines out of Richard's arse undermines the series's message. Whereas if Robin Hood is a terrorist and the Sheriff is a NYC cop, he is the former Secret Service man and bodyguard to none other than Lionheart!George Bush.

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You know, in the comments section to every single post of Strawberry Panic, on YouTube, on Stage 6, on Veoh, on Crunchy Roll, on every single one, there's someone going,

"Are all these girls lesbians?"

"This is so unrealistic!"

"Man, Étoile-sama's hot/creepy/both!"

"There are no lesbians in Catholic girls' schools!"

#1: Yes, they are. It's sort of blatantly obvious.

#2: Yes, and you're watching anime. I don't notice you complaining about the giant robots trying to take over the world. Or the magical girl who destroys evil with the power of love. Shut up. There's also a point where you don't hear nearly so many people bitching about how many straight people there are in American high school programmes. (From what I can tell, it works out to about one gay person per programme, and that's when you take out half the cast of, say, South of Nowhere and shoehorn them into programmes like Smallville.)

#3: She is. She's also kind of a bitch. Poor Rokujou. I'd've murdered Shizuma by this point for making me look so bad.

#4: Hahahahahaha. Also, see Point #2.


Oct. 21st, 2007 03:28 pm
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I have seen *counts* sixteen posts on my flist about Dumbledore being gay. I am disappointed, flist. I was expecting at least twenty. Actually, I just wish she'd mentioned it in the books. Canon from the interviews annoys me. It's not like she didn't already have about 300 pages of extraneous crap in the books.

Anyway, I have promised recs! And I shall deliver. I waited until today so that one of my recs would no longer be a WIP. By fandom:

Vorkosigan recs )

The Silmarillion recs )

Avengers recs )

X-Men recs )

Doctor Who recs )

Robin Hood recs )

Shakespeare recs )


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