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[ profile] athousandwinds: I am a conspiracy theorist. Kit Marlowe was too awesome to die.
[ profile] just_marzipan: Definitely!
[ profile] just_marzipan: and if he DID he was totally murdered
[ profile] athousandwinds: Elizabethan conspiracy!
[ profile] just_marzipan: :DDD
[ profile] athousandwinds: We need to write a book about how Marlowe survived his murder and went around solving crimes.
[ profile] athousandwinds: No, wait! Ben Jonson and Shakespeare solve crimes; Marlowe haunts them and gives snarky commentary!
[ profile] just_marzipan: oh my god yes!
[ profile] just_marzipan: and and idk how but there is OT3.
[ profile] just_marzipan: Ghost OT3
[ profile] athousandwinds: And Jonson is always trying to get the Rose Theatre shut down and stuff, but he can never get the evidence.
[ profile] just_marzipan: :D!
[ profile] athousandwinds: And the first case is totally a set-up by Marlowe to get Thomas Kyd killed.
[ profile] just_marzipan: :D :D :D
[ profile] athousandwinds: And at one point, Shakespeare asks why Marlowe is still hanging around and Marlowe replies with, I don't know, to be or not to be.
[ profile] just_marzipan: ......
[ profile] just_marzipan: oh my god I love you
[ profile] just_marzipan: and shakespeare and marlowe are in ~love~
[ profile] athousandwinds: Only it is a love marked by much artistic plagiarism, because Marlowe keeps trying to write poetry and Shakespeare keeps nicking it. Just to be all meta.
[ profile] just_marzipan: yes! and jonson just sits back and laughs at them
[ profile] just_marzipan: and secretly steals all their best ideas when they're not paying attention
[ profile] athousandwinds: And Marlowe keeps going OT3~ at him, and Jonson is just like, WTFno, I am not crazy like you and Will (because Shakespeare had to be a little bit crazy to be a genius).
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Christopher Marlowe once stabbed a man in Cheapside just to watch him die. Maybe.

Rufus Wainwright is going to write an opera. It's apparently about a day in the life of an opera singer. Yay.

Guillermo del Toro wants the LOTR cast back for The Hobbit. Also yay.

And then there was this:

Scarlett Johansson to play Mary Queen of Scots. NO NO NO ON A NO SANDWICH. For fuck's sake, we've established that the woman can't act when in Tudor costume. Wasn't The Other Boleyn Girl enough for us? At least Mary Boleyn was supposed to be completely fucking insipid. Also, Ireland is doubling for Scotland like they did in Braveheart (what's the betting they make the English out to be monsters again? Yeah. Though, really - Elizabeth was twenty times nicer to Mary than her own lords would've been if they'd caught her).

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I've just got back from the Third Party production of Doctor Faustus and I am No wonder it sold out.

Mephistopheles in a 1930s gangster suit.

Mephistopheles's actor actually being a magician ("Pick a card, any card...") and a ventriloquist.

Lucifer as a vamp, with red leather gloves and a feathered hat.

Mephistopheles in drag.

Faustus and Lucifer dancing to "You May Not Be An Angel" as played on the ukelele by Mephistopheles.

The projection of the face of Helen of Troy onto Mephistopheles's shirt, so that Faustus ended up kissing his chest (they really, really, really played up the subtext between Mephistopheles, Lucifer and Faustus).

Mephistopheles playing the fucking ukelele. And saying, "This one's for you, Lucifer, I know you'll like it" and then playing George Formby. "Oh, Mr Woo, 'cause Mr Woo's a window cleaner now..."

The Devil reading the Guardian. And doing the crossword, too.

The end, where Faustus goes to hell? The last lines are from Mephistopheles and Lucifer, sitting across from each other and watching him.

"Oh, you may not be an angel,
Because angels are so few.
But 'til I find an angel,
I'll string along with you."

So amazingly creepy.

Excuse me, I'm off to look for Kit Marlowe, my new historical obsession.


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