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I now have an original fiction journal! It's at [ profile] geiriadur, so if you're interested, please feel free to friend.

So bored!

Mar. 27th, 2009 12:56 am
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Okay, so you know how sometimes when you're really busy and you want to do a zillion things at once just so that the thing you want to do gets done?



Sweeney Todd, DWJ, early Kuroshitsuji, Count Cain, Witch Hunter Robin, Watchmen, Shakespeare, L. M. Montgomery, Murdoch Mysteries, Maurice, you know, anything you think I might write.

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So bored. And I'm not on my own laptop, so I can't mess around as much as I'd like. Instead, I've been doing that thing where I read pairing fic for fandoms in which I have no interest and end up developing OTPs for series of which I have no knowledge.

With that in mind, er, does anyone have recs for Balthier/Basch fic?

At some point, I have to post my answers to prompts for [ profile] oxoniensis's <a href=">Porn Battle VII</a>. I wrote Mutt/Alex! \o/ No one else did, though. D: Anyone want a drabble?
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My latest idea for my magnum opus:

So there's this guy, right, who's a Communist party official in the 1970s and he gets persecuted for pissing his superiors off and eventually gets sent to the gulags. Only in the 1990s he's released just in time to take advantage of the capitalist boom and becomes a kajillionaire. Then he takes revenge.

This is what happens when I watch bad adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo while revising for exams on the Soviet Union.

I also watched As You Like It – the Kenneth Branagh version – which I have very mixed feelings about.

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Aug. 20th, 2008 10:41 pm
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Writing meme, stolen from [ profile] shyaway.

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I feel like a meme!

Comment with the name of one of my stories and I'll 1) upload a song that I associate with it and 2) give an explanation as to why I associate the song with it. Warning: reasons may not be very good ones.
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It would be unutterably stupid and arrogant of me to try and write Greek myth fic in dactylic hexameter, wouldn't it. Greater poets than me have tried and failed not been entirely successful. Why would I be? It would undoubtedly be horrible.

I kind of want to write a story where Shaw tries to woo Lucas with poetry written in dactylic hexameter and Lucas sends it back pointing out how awful it is. Because he would.
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Reading Book 12 of the Aeneid: am horribly tempted to write Lavinia fic. Because. She does two things, canonically: gets her hair set on fire (it's an omen) and blushes (once). That's it. She's the cause of a major civil war between the man she knows and who loves her and the man she's destined to marry. And yet, she's nothing. A complete cypher. She never says a word throughout the entire poem. Aeneas pretty much screws up her life like he did Dido's (though, ironically, in completely the opposite way), but unlike Dido she never gets to rip into him. Hmmmm.

Also, I'm terribly annoyed at myself for mixing up Linear A and Linear B. Linear A is Minoan, Linear B Mycaenean. Fuck. I lost a game of Blockbuster over it.
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On the list of things which I definitely do not want to write ever: a Count Cain/Sweeney Todd crossover. Probably Oscar would go to Mrs Lovett's pie shop and recommend it to all his friends and Cain would sniff the pies and instantly figure out what they were made of (but would watch Oscar eat a couple just for the schadenfreude) and perhaps the Judge is an as yet unspecified member of the Major Arcana.

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I'm bored, so -

Drabble challenge! Comment here with the characters of a fandom you know I write and, if you so wish, a prompt, and I'll write you a drabble about them.
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It's three am and I have started a story. I know if I go to sleep I'll never look at it again, ever. (It's Renaissance Italy-ish, but probably in space? Or with wizards? I think it probably has wizards, but I hate wizards. You always have to sit down and figure out how the magic works, which is the point where I suffer a failure of imagination and start handwaving frantically. Note to all, if you happen to see me during this time, I am not waving but drowning.) More interestingly, the peasants are revolting. Why, I am not yet sure. It might simply be that life is short and the day is hot.

Gosh, that's an awful lot of babble. Sorry, everyone.
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So, because I am clearly insane, I am thinking of doing a Twelve Days of Christmas thing, from Christmas Day to Epiphany. Because, really, the last thing I need in this life are more deadlines. God.

Also, [ profile] sapphire_hime, I am very sorry, but I cannot find an Eid card anywhere. It's ridiculous and I am so, so sorry. Is a non-denominational Winter Wishes card all right?
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[ profile] lawnmowerpants and [ profile] fyredra, your drabbles are in the works (I need to reread Eerie Queerie and good grief, I can't believe I've forgotten my own canon. It's so lovely to rediscover them both :D) Hopefully, they'll be done by Friday. (And [ profile] lawnmowerpants, yours keeps wanting to lengthen into a fic proper. I might put it aside and start another one that actually stays somewhere around the word limit.)

Argh. So exhausted. I still haven't read half the stuff I need to for coursework, and I have to write 1000 words on it. Which is not going to happen, because prizegiving is tomorrow and attendance is compulsory. On the upside: no English essay to hand in. No other homework, in fact.
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You know those times when you're looking for fic and you can't find any?

The most depressing part is when you do find some - and it's badly spelt, horribly punctuated and reads like a child's picture book. Especially porn. There are few things more dispiriting than bad porn. You read it anyway, because you're just that desperate.

And then you find the Holy Grail of fic that's quite-good-really-omg, and it's the best feeling ever.

What I'm trying to say is...everyone who comments to this post will receive a drabble in the fandom of their choice (so long as I know it). Anyone?

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So, if anyone's interested in Shakespeare fic - specifically, A Midsummer Night's Dream fic - I committed Lysander/Demetrius (with foursome implications) at [ profile] pornandkittens. Which, by the way, is an awesome comm which everyone should visit. *loves*

Meme time!

Give me any character from one of my fandoms and I will give you three facts from my personal canon about them.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

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Thank you so much again!

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It would be unutterably stupid to do NaNoWriMo, wouldn't it? I have so much work.

*sighs wistfully*

I was at the magazine launch today and the café offered me a free milkshake because it was my birthday (which it isn't, actually - that's on Thursday) and then gave me a piece of cake because I finished the Guardian crossword for them. I might go back there. :D
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Pick 12 characters you like, and then answer the questions below the cut about them. Obviously first choose your characters before you see the questions.

1. Marian (Robin Hood 2006)
2. Will Stanton (The Dark is Rising)
3. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
4. Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar (Marvel Universe)
5. Maedhros Feanorian (The Silmarillion)
6. Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)
7. Midnighter (The Authority)
8. Richard St Vier (Swordspoint)
9. Christopher Chant (Chrestomanci)
10. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
11. Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Spider-Man)
12. Juliet Capulet (Romeo x Juliet)

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Thank God there's a decent film on at FACT. I went to the Odeon website first and started panicking because there was nothing I wanted to see, except maybe Transformers (which doesn't start until 5pm anyway). Let that be a lesson to me: never ask someone out to the pictures unless you have a film in mind.

In Doctor Who related news: I have two halves of a story, the first meeting and the post-coital conversation about the Doctor. Someone plz tell me hao 2 fit them together.
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Five People I Want Sansa to Meet is half-done and I'm going to get right on the others.

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