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[ profile] 31_days fic exchange for [ profile] green_and_warty. Vampire Game, Duzell/Phelios, 527 words. Also, the closest thing to Duzell/Ishtar that I'll probably ever write.

The Domestication of Vampires )
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Today has been pretty tedious. I had double Classics this morning - which was cancelled - so I ended up mooching round the library for hours. I had English Lit this afternoon and I despise my group. It's full of people I can't stand even out of lessons, never mind in them.

I'm horrendously bored. It's really irritating. On the upside, our school has unblocked the Internet, so I can access LJ from there.

Also, I forgot to post about it yesterday, but Vampire Game came up on fanficrants. It's got spoilers for volume 15.

I can't help but think we've grown up. It's like your 10th birthday, when all your aunties insist on squeeing about how you're in double digits now, and aren't you cute, yes you are! By that logic, of course, fandom_wank is probably your fandom's 18th. You post a lot of crap and get left with a bit of a bad taste in your mouth when you wake up the next morning thinking, "WTF was that?"

ETA: Also! I forgot! Apparently our English group is going to see King Lear later in the year and guess who's playing Lear?

Sir Ian fucking McKellen.

That made my day.
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a thousand winds,

The following review has been submitted to: Five Nightmares That Darres
Never Lived Chapter: 1

From: loki lee ()

They seem to all involve Ishtar dying

Um. Yes. That was the idea, really. Ishtar leads an incredibly risky life and there are several points in the series where if she'd said the wrong thing, jumped the wrong way, etc. she would have died. Darres is her bodyguard. It was a thing. Sorry.
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Title: Three Roads Not Travelled
Day/Theme: 13th December/"Of unkissed kisses"
Series: Vampire Game
Character/Pairing: Lassen (vague implied Lassen/Hume, Lassen/Ishtar)
Rating: PG-13/12, for violence and a wisp of necrophilia

There are three classic paths to power )
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There's a Vampire Game category on the Yuletide Master List. *did not know this and is thrilled*
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Title: Exit Life
Day/Theme: 30th September/"exeunt omnes"
Series: Vampire Game
Character/Pairing: Duzell, Ishtar
Rating: PG

( it wasn't supposed to end this way )
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Title: House of Cards
Day/Theme: 26th September/"Loneliness and desire"
Series: Vampire Game
Character/Pairing: Falan, mentions of Vord and Illsaide
Rating: PG

( queen on top )
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Title: The More She Stays the Same
Day/Theme: 17th September/"Scenes from the life of a double monster"
Series: Vampire Game
Character/Pairing: Rishas/Duzell, Lailis/Lassen
Rating: R

( the more she changes )
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Title: Of Jewels
Day/Theme: 12th September/"Dear Confucius"
Series: Vampire Game
Character/Pairing: Lailis, Lassen, Hume
Rating: PG-13/12

( seldom speak of love )
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Title: The Thin Line
Fandom: Vampire Game
Theme: #24/"love and hate"
Pairing: Illsaide/Falan
Rating: 12/PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters and situations property of Judal.
Summary: Falan can't bring herself to hate her brother.

( The Thin Line )
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Title: Selfish Like That
Author: Anchansan
Pairing: Ishtar/Darres
Fandom: Vampire Game
Theme: #16: invincible; unrivalled
Disclaimer: All characters and situations property of Judal.

(selfish girl in a selfish world)
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Title: Mucky Pup
Author/Artist: Anchan
Pairing: Ishtar/Darres
Fandom: Vampire Game
Theme: #9: dash
Disclaimer: All characters and situations are property of Judal.

( Mucky Pup )
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Title: In Her Majesty's Service
Author/Artist: Anchan
Pairing: Darres/Ishtar
Fandom: Vampire Game
Theme: 10: #10
Disclaimer: All the characters and so forth wherein are property of Judal.

In Her Majesty's Service


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