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First line meme! Post the first line from all of your WiPs.

"The Bartons were welcoming, as Hilliard had been told they would be, though their eyes sometimes flickered over Hilliard's stripes and then up to his face as if they expected to see another – they did, of course."
- mostly involving Hilliard wandering round the Bartons' house being confused by all these well-adjusted people.

"Curio woke in – not darkness, exactly, but light blurred and dimmed in his vision, blotching purple and green as he blinked."
- five times Curio and Francisco quarrelled, part one of something which will probably never see the light of day.

"i. love suffereth long, and is kind"
- Richard/Alec, drabbles to the tune of I Corinthians 13, at which they fail.

"Haven't we met, you're some kind of beautiful stranger…"
- involving AU!Superhero!Noldor, Fingon apparently liking Madonna, don't ask

"I’ll never forget the day that bastard walked into my office."
- Noir!Elves AU, with Haleth as a hard-boiled PI investigating the theft of three priceless diamonds from a mob family, the Finwions.

"It was a pleasant domestic scene, such as might be found in any household on Kearny's Lane."
- Johanna manipulating the fuck out of Anthony. "I'll get some lye", indeed.

"She was so young in those days, a lovely little slip of a thing."
- this one about Mrs Lovett having an abortion

"His mother took one look at Johanna, wrapped up in a black shawl he'd bought from a pedlar on the road, and tutted."
- part of a potentially longer fic where Anthony tries to come to terms with the fact that his shiny new princess is irredeemably fucked-up.

"It is an assured fact that most English (or indeed, to give Moriarty and O'Hara their due, Irish) schoolboys will work hard, love honour and boxing, and above all, play the game."
- PG Wodehouse's school stories, which was a gift for someone. Never really worked out.

"Their hotel room in Pisa has a balcony and costs twice as much for that very reason."
- an Amon/Robin travelogue, post-series.

"The sights I could show thee, O sailor far from home
Who hath cross'd the blue sea in but a coracle."
- Medea/Jason scrapbook fic, part of which I'm trying to write in hexameter (as above), but I can't even face dactylic hexameter.

"“I don’t think I like myself any more,” he said in a faraway voice, so young and trembling like the aftermath of a storm."
- Nine meets Ovid, post-Time War.

""The TARDIS threw me out," the Doctor said mournfully, his hand on the doorbell."
- a weird Ten/Martha fic

"Thirty-three seconds ago, Donna was screaming for help."
- what time means to the Doctor.
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Name 5 characters you didn't like at first, but eventually learned to love.

1. Hermione and Benvolio, Romeo x Juliet.
Yes, I'm totally cheating here. They start off as complete drips - I think Hermione's only lines in the first seven episodes or so consist of "Romeo-sama!" repeated ad nauseam. Benvolio, meanwhile, is like a less interesting version of Romeo. And anyone reading this journal knows my opinion of Romeo. But then something changed, i.e. them. Hermione was so damn miserable and ignored by all that I became protective of her. And by "protective", I mean that when Mercutio started trying to manipulate her into turning against Romeo, I laughed with glee because I was so delighted at the prospect of Hermione becoming Lucrezia Borgia or whatnot. Which, er, didn't happen. But something almost as good did: she ran away to Mantua and tried to kill Juliet and then became BFF with her (sort of). And Benvolio! He's utterly useless, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, because after Episode 7 he gets shoved into a situation where he has to be useful or he'll die. So he fetches and carries for Cordelia and Francisco makes fun of him (no, I still love that scene where Francisco suggests that he and Curio should have sex, complete with Rocky Horror hip-thrusting) and his very uselessness and irrelevance becomes endearing.

Note that both of these characters became interesting once they were away from Romeo. I think the only character I've liked in their scenes with Romeo is Mercutio, and that's because Mercutio is so awesome.

2. Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket. Yes, I'm aware that this is sacrilege. I didn't really start liking Yuki until he had more scenes away from Tohru (I thought their relationship in the early volumes was sweet, but fairly boring in comparison with everything else). I think it was Volume 8 which made me genuinely begin to care for him as a character - his scenes with Haru in that are gold. It's the first volume where Yuki begins to develop away from his initial characterisation of "Prince Yuki", where we see his deep-seated insecurities ("I'm so selfish" "No one truly cares for me" "I wish I had friends") and also his good qualities. Nowadays, one of my favourite aspects of Fruits Basket is Yuki's relationship with Haru, how they look out for each other. Haru used to be in love with Yuki. Yuki was the first person to see Haru as Haru, rather than as the Ox. Haru teases Yuki with a completely straight face. Yuki tries to mend fences between Rin and Haru. Haru thinks they were sisters in a previous life! (No, really, for non-Furuba people on my flist. He really does think that.) And then there's the student council chapters - I don't think Yuki will ever find a better friend than Kakeru (except maybe Haru), however annoying he thinks he is. And Yuki is totally the Pink Power Ranger.

3. Sansa Stark, A Song of Ice and Fire. She's actually my favourite character now. She's a bratty, spoilt princess in her first chapters in A Game of Thrones, who you're already expecting to dislike from her sister Arya's chapters, and then of course there's spoilers for ASOIAF in general, just to be on the safe side ) Her role in a less shitty world than that of ASOIAF is, well, Arwen: she's the beautiful woman who bestows her favour on a gentle knight, and who supports her love with a handmade banner, and who is ultimately passive and overshadowed by the woman who fights back (in Sansa's case, Arya). But I've always liked Arwen and Cosette and Lavinia, and any number of women who don't get much in the way of characterisation but a lot in the way of the hero's love. I'm hoping Sansa does get her opportunity to fight back - and that the people who hate her come to understand the power of passive resistance and that there are more, and better, ways to get things done than to stab someone. Also, please, please don't let spoiler! ) rape her. Please, GRRM, I'll do anything.

4. Granny Weatherwax, Discworld. And let that be a lesson to all of you: don't start reading Discworld with Equal Rites. In retrospect, it's probably an excellent book, but to a twelve year old - no. Just no. It bored me senseless. I went on and I read the Watch books and the Death books and the Rincewind books quite happily, but I refused to return to the Granny Weatherwax series. Ever. And then I decided, finally, that I'd have another go - and read Wyrd Sisters. And then Witches Abroad, too, in the same sitting.

5. Susan Pevensie, Narnia. Actually, this is mostly in reaction to The Last Battle. Because I honestly didn't care for Susan all that much (she suffers from what I've heard called the Curse of Susans - usually the second eldest of four and the "mother", forced to be the sensible one and to curb all the gung-ho adventures). Edmund was - and still is - my favourite Narnia character. But Susan gets the short end of the stick all round - she doesn't have a chance to shine on her own, she even gets made into a damsel at one point (The Horse and His Boy) after accidentally starting a war, she's forced to leave Narnia early, she never returns, doesn't go to Aslan's country and, oh, yes, her entire family are killed in a train crash. Musn't forget that part. So I like her, because someone should.
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Dear Stephen J. Lee,

Not everyone speaks French as well as you do. Please refrain from quoting at length untranslated documents. Aside from that, thank you.


It occurs to me that I can argue a decent case for Louis XIV causing the French Revolution. Yeah, I don't like him.

Meme! ganked from [ profile] enaranie

1. Maedhros (The Silmarillion)
2. Mrs Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
3. Alec (Swordspoint)
4. Marian (Robin Hood 2006)
5. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
6. Éowyn (The Lord of the Rings)
7. Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
8. Juliet Capulet (Romeo x Juliet)
9. Much (Robin Hood 2006)
10. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

meme! )

You know, I've been reading up on Anne Boleyn and I can't help suspecting she made some sort of deal with the devil. "You will only have your life's goal for three years and will die unfairly maligned; in exchange, your daughter will be called the greatest monarch England has ever had and you will be able to mock your husband and your other enemies from beyond the grave."
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List 12 characters from different fandoms first. (No cheating!) Then answer the questions under the cut.

1. Mel Beeby (Angels Unlimited)
2. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
3. Amon (Witch Hunter Robin)
4. Curio (Romeo x Juliet)
5. Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
6. Tony Stark (Iron Man - film canon)
7. Mrs Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
8. Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)
9. Emily Byrd Starr (Emily of New Moon)
10. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
11. Cain Hargreaves (Count Cain)
12. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

fun for all the family! )

Eh, how about the DVD commentary meme? Comment here with a story of mine you'd like to see me talk about. If there are any. :-s
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I feel I should mention - I wrote porn. Curio x Francisco, NSFW.

I go back to school tomorrow. D: And I have done no work. It's a depressing thought.
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So I committed macros. Over here.

Romeo x Juliet macros. My first. I FEEL SO UNCLEAN. :(
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Shhhhhh. Let's pretend I got this up two weeks ago, all right? Episode 18 to follow at some point this week.

Spoilers for Episode 17 )

So, I will totally get the next one up by Saturday. Definitely. *crosses fingers*
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I am terminally ambivalent about this episode. *sigh*

spoilers )
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So what with one thing and another - HP7, work - I've put off watching this ep until today. For an episode centred on Romeo, I liked it a surprising amount.

spoilers for episode 14 )
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Title: Chicken Licken
Author: [ profile] athousandwinds
Words: 200
Character/Pairing: Hermione
Summary: "Her face so trim and lovely...And her embroidery, so faltering and unsteady." Hermione tries to put a good face on things. Dark. (AU, futurefic)

Chicken Licken )

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I LOVED this episode with all the power of my heart. Secondary characters ftw! Laertes flashbacks! Machiavellian!Mercutio!

spoilers for Episode 13 and the preview under the cut )
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COME ON, TIM! Don't lose to Moya :( I really think this could be your year.

< / end Wimbledon love >

spoilers for episode 11 )
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Title: The Language of Flowers
Author: [ profile] athousandwinds
Character/Pairing: Cordelia, Curio, Francisco
Warning: Spoilers through Episode 8
Summary: Cordelia receives a gift of flowers, but she's in the wrong genre for a Shakespearean comedy.

Hyacinth: a flower which grew from a dead boy's blood )
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I really, really liked episode 9. You can tell by the amount of screencaps I took.

image-heavy spoilers )
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[ profile] just_marzipan, I uploaded the film soundtrack of Evita to Sendspace here. It's only the single-disc version, though, so it doesn't have all the songs. You can get the double-disc version on Amazon for a fiver.

spoilers for episode 8 of Romeo x Juliet - it is made of win )


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