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I've just been talking about abortion rights with some Americans.

brb, hugging my local family planning clinic.
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Jesus Christ, Liverpool.

You know, I'm as much of a Tory-hater as any sane, right-thinking non-southerner. But the FUCKING BNP should not be beating them in our wards. NO. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. The BNP should never, ever be coming second in Everton. Fortunately, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Labour won by a landslide.

I'm just revolted at the fact that the BNP garnered 222 votes in Everton. And FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY in Fazakerley. Make me proud, o city of mine. Not physically ill.
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I'm on right now, salivating over the cello music. I can't wait until my exam comes off and I can actually start playing stuff that isn't Tchaikovsky or Gluck or the for the love of crying out loud, scales.

Though, I quite like scales. They're soothing.

Unlike listening to Keith Olbermann. That angries up the blood, even though I'm not American. I get the feeling he's a liberal Jeremy Clarkson, only with politics instead of cars. Someone who knows both tell me if I'm wrong?

Oh, God, there's a book of George Gershwin scored for cello. Someone stop me. I'm too poor for this. Especially after I upped my donation to Oxfam (I didn't mean to. I was feeling much more self-satisfied about only giving £2 a month when a lady phoned me and told me about All The Good Work Oxfam is doing, and what exactly they did with the donations and then she asked me if she could up my donation to £6. I was feeling so guilty by then that I caved.)

I need a new black hole for my cello - alternatively, I need to sharpen the spike. Else it'll be that crucial moment in the exam, in the middle of playing a top note and the spike will slip, there'll be a horrible, crashing discord and I will almost certainly burst into tears.
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WTF, Amazon are selling watches now?

Also, I went to one of the Roscoe lectures in the cathedral today. Very interesting, entitled, "Is mankind's future in space?" The answer was yes, but let's face it, it was being delivered by a Professor of Astrophysics, so that was pretty much a gimme.

Of course, the first question asked after the lecture was, "So, how do you reconcile the theory of an expanding universe and space travel with God's Creation?"

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Today in my French lesson, one girl complained to me that I always bring politics into it. (I don't think it counts as "bringing politics into things" when the topic under discussion is liberté d'expression and I'm arguing about whether free speech should be limited, but there you go.)

Then the teacher gave us an essay on whether we thought the Iraq war was justified.

I swear, it's not my fault.
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In one of the extracts from Louis XIV's memoirs I'm reading for homework:

"I commanded the four Secretaries of State not to sign anything at all without talking to me about it, the Superintendent [of Finances] likewise, and no financial business to be transacted without being registered in a book, that was to remain with me, with a much abridged summary, where I could always see at a glance the current balance and the expenditures made or pending."

In my notes, I've written by it:

Louis XIV: Worst. Micromanager. EVER.

US maintains visa ban on Muslim academic

The main argument against him seems to be that he's a vocal critic of American foreign policy. The other argument - much quieter - is that he's given money to Palestinian human aid charities. Yeah. I won't argue that many Palestinian charities both locally and internationally have strong links to Hamas, but blocking someone's entry based on their generosity? More than slightly disturbing.
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Yikes. Sorry I vanished. I've started school properly and immediately got swamped down in work. I'm in two ficathons and I haven't even started writing for the one due on the 30th... :-(

I'm reading some debates. I stick by my assertion that politics is just an incredibly complex soap opera that everyone has to watch. One with really good actors. The difference is, at least if you come in twenty years and half an hour late to watch Coronation Street, someone is always happy to explain the plot to you. Politics, not so much. This is why explanations of different political systems should be part of PSE.

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I. Why is it that I'm only deeply interested in politics during term time? Today 17 loyalist MPs told Blair he was going to have to stand down. Huge slap in the face; these are all the people who've been on his side since forever. The BBC correspondent said with a remarkably straight face that, "A letter was written and sent" (his emphasis), because apparently that's a huge no-no. A year ago these MPs would have had to resign after they sent the letter.

II. best term for penis ever? )

III. Doctor Who fandom is wanking. Again. You know, I like being on the periphery of fandom. It means I don't have to get involved in stuff like this.

...Yeah. I've read every page.
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Everyone heard about this? Company president takes advantage of his position to send out a mass email complaining about gay characters on Cold Case and Without a Trace, urging employees to send hatemail to CBS.

my reply to him )

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Timeline of the Iraq war

I had no idea things went that badly all the way. When it's just a lot of reports spread out over weeks and months and years, it's difficult to get it all together, especially if you're not paying particular attention to the news bulletins. It's like soaps, in a way, but at least in soaps there's all sorts of magazines happy to catch you up on what you've missed.

How can anyone look at this and still justify invading Iraq? Even if they felt that they had to go ahead, better organisation, better plans, better everything might have been a thought.
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The YouTube vids of Stephen Colbert roasting Bush to his face are gone, apparently "removed for copyright infringement". I'm not sure what their point is - just about everything on YouTube infringes copyright, from what I've seen. It unsettles me that they're gone, probably irrationally but there you go.

Edit: Right, apparently C-SPAN requested they be removed.

Once again, I am very slow off the mark.
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BHS boss in Cameron clothes row

My problem with David Cameron is that when he speaks out, it's always about issues that I can't see many people disagreeing with. He chooses topics like obesity, the environment, and, his latest, the sexualisation of children in the media. He makes excellent speeches on these subjects and I don't think there's ever a person in the audience who doesn't at least see his point.

But. Cameron's the leader of the opposition. Anything he says is just that - something he says. He complains about newsagents selling chocolate oranges at the counter ("why not real oranges?") but if he were in power, what measures would he take to see that sort of thing stopped? He talks about big businesses marketing sexy underwear to children. Well, yes, it's pretty ridiculous and not a little disturbing. But if he were Prime Minister, what could, or would, he actually do to stop it?

The answer is, of course: probably nothing. There aren't many legal sanctions that he can take. But as the leader of the opposition, taking a loud moral stance on small, everyday issues makes him look attractive to disenchanted voters. Please note: Cameron's not promised a single thing. He's just stated what his official opinion of it is right now. Make no mistake, none of this will be going in the next Tory manifesto.

Dave Cameron is a PR man. He knows damn well what will make him, and by extension, the Conservative Party, look good. It's not a coincidence that while Labour are piling up scandals headline by headline, our Dave is on the second page expressing a populist opinion. What we've got to remember is that it's only so many words on a page that'll be lining a cat litter tomorrow. Until Cameron makes a pledge, until he can back those excellent phrases up with plans and money and support, until he actually has the power to do what he implies Labour should be doing - don't believe that he'll do it.


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