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Okay, I'm in the middle of replaying the first Phoenix Wright game and I'm really confused, and not in the normal way that Phoenix Wright is confusing. spoilers for 1-4 )
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Is it normal to be this much in love with Miles Edgeworth after playing the first game?

I kind of want BleakHouse!AU, with Miles and Phoenix as the latest in a long line of lawyers in an inheritance suit and the long, slogging hours of paperwork conducted in cravats and waistcoats.
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[ profile] fannish5: Name five fandoms that you're not (yet) in, but which seem intriguing.

1. Cold Case.
I've watched part of the first season and part of the fourth, and I read fic, but a) the fandom isn't very big and b) it's centred around FF.Net, so the vast majority of fic is utter crap. Which is to say, I want to write fic for it so badly. And there's so many more interesting things you can do with Lilly/Scotty than have Lilly in an abusive relationship which Scotty must rescue her from. Or pregnant. It's not so much that I'm intrigued by the fandom, but the show itself is made of so much win that if there weren't already a fandom, I'd be doing my level best to create one. It's one of those shows where an average episode is very good and a good episode is great. Like "A Time to Hate" in S1, about a gay baseball player in the 1960s, with one of the best ending montages I've ever seen. I will never stop pimping this show. Give in now before your ears start bleeding.

2. due South. Everyone loves it. I've not heard a single thing about it which contradicts my view that I would love it, too. The only problem is opportunity, that's all. I have watched a couple of episodes.

3. Bones. It sounds like a fun show, for starters, and I'm wildly in love with procedurals which don't take themselves too seriously at the moment (more CSI than The Shield). The only problem here is that apparently Tempe Brennan is really, really socially awkward and I'm kind of worried she'll hit my embarrassment squick. Anyone care to reassure me on this point?

4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It has gay lawyers, that's all you need to know. I suspect you probably do already know, because Phoenix Wright is everywhere right now. I'm not in the fandom because I'm too poor.

5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I've seen one episode of this and thought it was pretty good (um. Odo got taken prisoner by Cardassians and interrogated by Garak, who felt a little bit guilty about it). And there is awesome, awesome Garak/Bashir fic that I've read. Should I get a chance, I would happily join this fandom.
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I am seriously considering buying a Nintendo DS and all the Phoenix Wright games, just so I can participate in the awesome fandom. Is that wrong? I can't possibly afford it, so it must be. It doesn't stop me from going WANT, however.

(For the sake of clarity: the last time I played a video game was Return of the King on a friend's Playstation 2. Four years ago. I was terrible at it, for the record. I've never owned any video game brother had a Sega Mastersystem, on which we played Mortal Kombat and this weird Olympic game that I loved. Also, Sonic. I was six. Apart from that...)


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