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[ profile] fannish5Crossover relationships: Match five characters with their soulmates - from another fandom.


1. Alec (Swordspoint)/Marian (Robin Hood 2006). Alec desperately, desperately wants to protect the women in his life. Unusually for a male (anti-)hero, he does that by giving them tools to defend themselves rather than doing it directly. He failed with his sister Janine, so he forces Janine's daughter Katherine to take fencing lessons (and before long Katherine's protecting other women herself). He can't sponsor Flavia's education openly any more, so he founds a scholarship/mathematics chair for women.

Marian - you see where I'm going with this - is an explicitly feminist kick-arse swordswoman. Alec would love her. Marian would initially be infuriated by his attitude (because, let's face it, Alec's a bastard), but she'd probably end up seeing his hidden depths. She did with Robin, after all. I can't see Robin's hidden depths. Also, she'd probably be thrown off by the fact of his agreeing with her and not patronising her (well, not more than he normally would).

The only fly in the ointment is that Marian's as manipulative as hell and Alec needs a straight-shooter. Hmmmm.

2. John Hilliard (Strange Meeting)/Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket). He's an emotionally-repressed WWI soldier with a dysfunctional family and a lost love. She's an almost pathologically kind-hearted teenage girl with a talent for getting along with almost everybody. Hilliard kind of makes me think of Hatori in the same situation: completely closed-off to any kind of emotional support (not that he's getting it anyway) until he meets this one person. Tohru would be amazing at getting Hilliard to open up - think of how Hatori, Kureno and Yuki (all repressive types) respond to her. And he's a solicitous friend, even if he's not particularly good at helping. He'd look after her in the way she needs, which is that she works too hard and someone has to make her stop.

3. The Doctor (Doctor Who)/Miles Vorkosigan (the Vorkosigan books). Because they're both hyperactive, they both have the same method of procedure (make it up as you go along) and they both tend to take command by virtue of sheer arrogance. They also both have insanely loyal followers who frequently fall in love with them; the only difference is that Miles has more. Then again, the Doctor has quality-control. If they ever met, they'd likely be annoyed to death by each other. The Doctor would have an especially strong reaction: "You're a soldier?!" If Miles were a companion, he would probably attempt to change his own timeline. The Doctor might throw a fit like he did with Adam in "The Long Game"; possibly Miles would manage to charm his way out of it. Really, Miles is more likely to end up as a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart figure:

"Oh, you're back? Where've you been? I saved the universe five times while you were gone, you idiot!"

The Doctor would quickly start referring to Ivan as "that-idiot-Ivan" and it would infuriate Miles because hey, it's not like the Doctor's family. Only family (and the rest of the galaxy) get to call Ivan that.

...I bet the Doctor has a massive geeky historical crush on Cordelia, though. Like he did on Madame de Pompadour. And he'd keel over dead if she actually asked him to tea, omg. And Cordelia would so have the Doctor's number within five seconds of meeting him.

4. Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire)/Katherine Talbert (The Privilege of the Sword). Basically, Katherine is the knight of Sansa's dreams. I don't say Katherine's fencing foil would be much use against, say, Gregor, but she could totally take Littlefinger. And Katherine has experience defending rape victims. The Swordsman's Tragedy is exactly the sort of tosh Sansa would love; Katherine adores it. It would be Katherine/Artemisia all over again, but playing for higher stakes.

5. Count D (Petshop of Horrors)/Cain Hargreaves (Count Cain). It was a match made in heaven (Cain is clearly a cat in human form, from D's shop, given as a present from Alexis to Augusta) right up until the point where D discovered Cain was testing his poisons on animals. So he gave him a puppy, the sweetest dog in the world, who adored Cain and learnt to untie his shoelaces and snuffled at Cain's hands and licked his face when he was sad. And then the puppy grew up and turned out to be a rottweiler. Cain redeemed himself, though, when he decided he loved the dog regardless, and D gave him back his puppy. I am aware that this sounds crazy to anyone who doesn't know both fandoms, by the way. Very, very aware.
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[ profile] fannish5: Five Most Painful Fictional Break-Ups:

1. Buffy and Angel, "The Prom". Look, at heart I am a squishy, gooey B/A shipper, okay? Four years after their break-up and a year after he last saw her, Angel still thinks of her when he's truly happy. Her first reaction to seeing him is to kiss him. It's all the sweet, destined, star-crossed, tragic love I could hope for in a ship (without them being as downright idiotic as Romeo and Juliet), while containing some seriously screwed-up elements. I can has it both ways?

2. Anne and Gilbert, Anne of the Island. Okay, it's not exactly a break-up, as such. That is to say, it's a break-up of their BFF relationship, because of Gilbert's proposal and Anne's refusal. I don't care; it counts. I still can't read that chapter because they're both so upset and arrgghh. And then the reader is deprived of Anne/Gilbert BFFness for most of the rest of the novel. (I don't mean the lilies at Convocation or the walk down Lovers' Lane after Diana's wedding, that's romantic stuff. I mean the hanging out in the woods or Hester Gray's garden, just chatting.)

3. Leon and D, Petshop of Horrors. D pushes Leon off the ship! ;_; And then D disappears and Leon's left in the hospital going, "I will find you, D!" And you know Leon's only searching for D so he can bitch him out and then force-feed him cake. (And in Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo Drift, there's that one story where D discovers that Leon knows his whereabouts in Berlin and instantly kicks his customers out and starts packing. Meanwhile, Leon's so completely lost he's hanging around Berlin Zoo.)

4. Seishirou and Subaru, Tokyo Babylon. And X, to a certain extent. Is it really a break-up if one of them dies? Anyway, Tokyo Babylon. Seishirou, in his charming I-am-a-cute-vet-lookit-my-baby-animals-oops-one-of-them-is-dead-wonder-how-that-happened persona, steps in between Subaru and a madwoman with a knife and gets stabbed in the eye for his trouble. (Was this the earliest example of CLAMP's eye fetish? Or does Wish predate it?) Subaru spends the entirety of Volume 6 trying to swallow his guilt over this and also finally accepts that Seishirou loves him and that he, for better or for worse, loves Seishirou. Unfortunately, the moment he voices this sentiment, matters rapidly become worse. Seishirou declares himself a sociopathic killer who thinks of Subaru as nothing more than a soon-to-be-broken toy; Subaru ends up catatonic with grief. And then Seishirou kills Subaru's sister, Hokuto. Frankly, I think Subaru deserves a round of applause for not slitting his wrists then and there.

5. Satine and Christian, Moulin Rouge! "I am the courtesan. And I choose the maharajah." Waaaaaaaah. Another scene I can't watch, when it comes down to it. I love "The Show Must Go On", Christian trying to drink himself to death and shouting at Toulouse is an excellent scene, but the actual rejection? No. I'm one of those people that switches the film off when the curtain comes down on their triumph, too. SATINE DOESN'T DIE. She and Christian go and live high up in the mountains somewhere for her health; he writes pastoral plays and she stars in the sanatorium's productions. This is what happens. I must believe this.
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Title: The Wanderer
Day/Theme: 29th September/"Thoughts of a dying atheist"
Series: Petshop of Horrors
Character/Pairing: Leon, post-series
Rating: PG

( there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Leon )
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Title: Words and Incense
Day/Theme: 20th September/"Chinatown fiction"
Series: Petshop of Horrors
Character/Pairing: Leon, D
Rating: PG

( chinatown fiction )
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A Petshop of Horrors fic, for [ profile] chain_of_fics, Leon POV, here.

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YES YES YES Matsuri Akino-sensei is writing more PSoH YES YES YES.


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