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Putin denies being a Dancing Queen

Best headline ever, or bestest headline ever? The story's not bad, too. Putin denies ever having secretly gone to an Abba tribute gig. NO RLY I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.
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On the Pope's comments re: homosexuality, [ profile] the_shoveller reckons he should get in a cagematch with it. Suggestions as to his opponent?

He reckons Ian McKellen. His fiancée reckons Russell T Davies, all six feet six of him. I reckon Gore Vidal, because even though he's about eighty he is literally the most terrifying old person I have ever seen.
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Priest stages nun beauty pageant


He says it's all going to be in good taste and the nuns won't even have to remove their veils. I can't help but feel he's missing the point. Somewhat. I'm just saying.
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Man who had sex with bike in court

This should be funny, but it really just pisses me off. For what effectively amounts to "creative masturbation", the man has been put on the sex offenders' register. It's not a joke, that could seriously affect his chances of employment. It wasn't even in public, which could conceivably warrant prosecution, it was in a hotel room (where one might reasonably expect privacy).

In happier news:

Millions back Colbert campaign

I really, really want him to do it for real and then win. It can be done! Martin Bell did it with the Hamiltons! I would vote for him...from my home in Liverpool, England. It's the thought that counts.
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Dear LJ,

This is how to get rid of paedophiles using your service.


I've been shopping this morning, which means I currently want to die. I don't know what it is, but I get so utterly miserable and exhausted when I shop, especially when I'm with my mum. I've also been trying to get a job, which, no. Marks and Spencer have such an insanely complicated application process.

Oh, well. I have macaroons.
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Ian Richardson is dead

This really saddens me. The first time I saw him in anything was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and he played all the facets of a complex, disturbing character to perfection. Most recently, I think, he was the voice of Death in Hogfather and he played that brilliantly, too - a role that should be frightening (and is frightening, sometimes) but a character who is also kind. He played an entire range of characters throughout his career and never failed to turn in a superb performance. One of the great actors, IMO.
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On the day it all starts, I would like to state these few facts:

1. I don't want Wayne Rooney to play in the World Cup. I am furious that his bloody metatarsal is getting equal billing with earthquakes and war and the collapse of civilisation as we know it.

2. I want England to lose the World Cup. This isn't anything to do with "supporting Wales and whoever England's playing", but if they lose, they'll come home early and no one will care about the rest of the matches.

2b. I want David Beckham to be the one who loses England the World Cup. I want him to get sent off like he did the time before last. I want him to have to wear a hoodie and sunglasses in public. I just want to stop hearing about him.

3. England fans, pleasepleaseplease don't embarrass the rest of us again while you're out there in Germany. For the love of whatever deity you hold dear, don't be xenophobic racist hooligans. Please. There are people in this country who would love to visit Germany and if you lot cause trouble, the hotels won't take us.
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BHS boss in Cameron clothes row

My problem with David Cameron is that when he speaks out, it's always about issues that I can't see many people disagreeing with. He chooses topics like obesity, the environment, and, his latest, the sexualisation of children in the media. He makes excellent speeches on these subjects and I don't think there's ever a person in the audience who doesn't at least see his point.

But. Cameron's the leader of the opposition. Anything he says is just that - something he says. He complains about newsagents selling chocolate oranges at the counter ("why not real oranges?") but if he were in power, what measures would he take to see that sort of thing stopped? He talks about big businesses marketing sexy underwear to children. Well, yes, it's pretty ridiculous and not a little disturbing. But if he were Prime Minister, what could, or would, he actually do to stop it?

The answer is, of course: probably nothing. There aren't many legal sanctions that he can take. But as the leader of the opposition, taking a loud moral stance on small, everyday issues makes him look attractive to disenchanted voters. Please note: Cameron's not promised a single thing. He's just stated what his official opinion of it is right now. Make no mistake, none of this will be going in the next Tory manifesto.

Dave Cameron is a PR man. He knows damn well what will make him, and by extension, the Conservative Party, look good. It's not a coincidence that while Labour are piling up scandals headline by headline, our Dave is on the second page expressing a populist opinion. What we've got to remember is that it's only so many words on a page that'll be lining a cat litter tomorrow. Until Cameron makes a pledge, until he can back those excellent phrases up with plans and money and support, until he actually has the power to do what he implies Labour should be doing - don't believe that he'll do it.
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This is quite possibly the best thing I've heard all day.

A sword made from a falling star - straight out of the pages of an amazing fantasy novel.
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[ profile] deadmentalking is brilliant. A community where dead historical personages, ranging from Homer to Janis Joplin can converse. Warning: addictive. Really, really addictive. I don't normally RP, but I'm feeling the need to read up on Caroline of Ansbach.
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YES YES YES Matsuri Akino-sensei is writing more PSoH YES YES YES.


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