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Okay, I'm in the middle of replaying the first Phoenix Wright game and I'm really confused, and not in the normal way that Phoenix Wright is confusing. spoilers for 1-4 )
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i. The toilet in Liverpool South Parkway station is space-age. There are movement sensors and whooshy doors and automatic flushing and it's so weird.

ii. I've just spent ten minutes fiddling with the remote control for the DVD player, desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with it, because I couldn't work the DVD player at all. Turns out it was the wrong remote control. I have been away from home for three weeks and I've forgotten what the doofer looks like.

iii. There are far too many italics in this post.

iv. I have the first season DVDs of Criminal Minds and I intend to watch them soon.

v. Why do I love Kuroshitsuji when it is such fail in all the areas that I care about?
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Just a heads-up:

I'd prefer it if no one posted explicit pornographic images to my journal without my consent/request.

It wasn't anyone on my flist and it's now deleted and the spammer banned, but I thought I should make that clear.
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Sneak Peek at Pride and Prejudice: The Comic!

It's so...generic. Wow. I actually can't tell the difference between the sisters - they quite literally all have the same damn face. (Even Mary, who has gone from being the least attractive sister to arguably the prettiest.)
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I think I want to write AU where Mulan is an enforcer for a Triad and Shang is her Deputy Mountain Master (Triads have the best job titles).

I have never seen Mulan. This may be a problem.

And also I want to write AU fic where the Disney princesses are Mafia people. Like Belle is consigliere to the Beast's boss, and Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White are caporegimes for Maleficent or something.
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On the Pope's comments re: homosexuality, [ profile] the_shoveller reckons he should get in a cagematch with it. Suggestions as to his opponent?

He reckons Ian McKellen. His fiancée reckons Russell T Davies, all six feet six of him. I reckon Gore Vidal, because even though he's about eighty he is literally the most terrifying old person I have ever seen.
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Nicholas II to be rehabilitated

The Supreme Court "declared as groundless the repression of Tsar Nicholas II and his family and ordered their rehabilitation", the judge's decision said on Wednesday.

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I was always given to understand that the main difference between pre-1917 and post-1917 Russia was that post-1917 Russia was better organised. Nicholas's regime involved the secret police, heavy censorship and lack of anything resembling a democratic government (since the Duma = made of fail), too, y'know. Revolutions don't just spring out of nowhere to make poor innocent monarchs cry on their way to the scaffold.
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Priest stages nun beauty pageant


He says it's all going to be in good taste and the nuns won't even have to remove their veils. I can't help but feel he's missing the point. Somewhat. I'm just saying.
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Things which I dislike:

  • Workplaces which decide after an hour that they're over-staffed, hence they send you home. (Fuckers, it cost me almost as much to get there as I earned.)

  • Complex instructions about how to operate a Freeview box, which nevertheless manage to leave out highly pertinent information about, oh, how to switch it into digital mode.

  • Map-reading. People shout at me and I panic and I drop the map and I lose my place and then I get us lost.

Everything else, though, I'm pretty zen about.
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Mandelson accuses Sarkozy of undermining him

I don't know who to support on this issue. I hate them both (though Mandelson somewhat less, for providing great lulz). And I don't actually understand the issue. Sarkozy's side seem to be protesting Mandelson's policy because it will lead to the loss of 100,000 jobs. Mandelson seems to be criticising Sarkozy because if the policy doesn't go through he can't solve world hunger.

In happier news, hey, someone wrote Venus/Aeneas fic. And it's good.
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I. I just did a quiz on Facebook titled Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You? I got Fanny Price. Wtf, I am Emma. Bossy and arrogant and maybe kind of a screw-up.

II. Bush advises UK on Iraq withdrawal. asdfghjkl; why is politics made of so much fail this week?

III. I has a happee!


Feb. 26th, 2008 08:48 am
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Got rejected from Edinburgh, have a headache. 1000 words of coursework to go. What a shitty day this is turning out to be, and we're only eight hours in.
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I'm looking at IMDb boards right now and feeling very depressed. I expect more from IMDb than it ever gives. :-( Take the Chris Langham board, for example:

"To arrest someone for looking at child porn is fascist."

"Being a paedophile is not worse than being a violent thug."

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I just want everyone in the universe to sod off and die. Is that so wrong? (Special reprieve granted.)

I have been late to school every day since this half-term began, culminating in yesterday's performance where I walked into my form-room literally four seconds before the bell went for first lesson. Luckily for my academic record, my form teacher doesn't close the register until five minutes after everyone else does. It's not only laziness and some weird idea of teenage rebellion, it's a sense of I-just-can't-be-fucking-botheredness. I don't want to be there. I can't see the point of being there. Intellectually, I know there is: if I don't go I will almost certainly fail my A-levels. It's the almost that's annoying me, because I have an utterly arrogant, completely stupid idea that if I did all the research myself at my own pace, I could pass easily enough.

I've never had this problem before. School and I may have had our differences (this homework thing, wtf), but I've never had this total indifference to it. I just want to be at home, watching anime or reading or writing or a hundred other things which seem much more important to me now than they've ever been.

I think part of it must be deadlines. My history coursework needs to be finished by Christmas. My article for YouthLive needs to be done by the 14th, so not happening. My Yuletide needs to be done by the 19th, and so on. The biggest thing I can cope with right now is irritation over the fact that BitTorrent won't give me a fixed ETA for Fullmetal Alchemist. Lucy thinks the other part is "I'm 18 and I'm so sick of this shit" syndrome, which reminds me of the school-leavers just before GCSEs.

I kind of just want to sit down and get absolutely shit-faced drunk, all the time. But doing that on your own is boring and I don't have the money to go out.
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Man who had sex with bike in court

This should be funny, but it really just pisses me off. For what effectively amounts to "creative masturbation", the man has been put on the sex offenders' register. It's not a joke, that could seriously affect his chances of employment. It wasn't even in public, which could conceivably warrant prosecution, it was in a hotel room (where one might reasonably expect privacy).

In happier news:

Millions back Colbert campaign

I really, really want him to do it for real and then win. It can be done! Martin Bell did it with the Hamiltons! I would vote for him...from my home in Liverpool, England. It's the thought that counts.
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As it is, I can only find a few episodes on Stage 6. And I hate Stage 6 (omg, why do you have such a problem with buffering? You are a site which hosts streaming video. GET SOME FUCKING BANDWIDTH).

Also, if I am talking to anyone through IM (MSN, Gmail, etc.) and I suddenly vanish, it's not because I've spontaneously developed a revulsion to you, nor am I dying of a heart attack on the floor. The wireless connection on my laptop seems to enjoy cutting out at inappropriate moments.
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West Ham vs. Manchester United over Carlos Tevez may go to High Court

It amuses me that these two teams are basically fighting over whose team Tevez gets to be on. "We want him!" "NO! We picked him FIRST!"

It's so...primary school.

Also, 237 Reasons Why People Have Sex.
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You know, it's odd. In the two days I've been using Firefox, I've experienced a curious sensation of frothing rage. Firefox has had more problems, both with randomly shutting down and refusing to automatically enlarge text that for fuck's sake, I need bigger, than I had with IE. IE only randomly crashed once a week, but every time I've opened a Firefox browser it's eventually died on me.

It's strange that what in IE only caused me to roll my eyes and keep a game of Freecell on standby (never crashes, never even blips!) for when the screen froze, inspires utter fury in me with Firefox.

Maybe it's Firefox's indie status, which has people singing its praises so loudly and so often that I automatically expect a perfect performance. Like Macs, I can only take so much before I start protectively hugging PC/IE and crooning how it's safe with me, I'll always love it, I will, oh I will...cootchie-coo.

Or maybe I've just finally lost it. Time will tell.
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I haven't known what to say about the latest crisis to hit LJ, so I haven't said anything. I haven't locked my fic, I haven't changed my interests. I've kept informed - but you'd have to be living in a sandbox not to.

Barak Berkowitz has apologised. It surprises me that he has (on the behalf of Six Apart), because I was expecting something more weaselly. But at the same time, some parts of his post make me...twitch.

They suspended 500 journals - and frankly, I don't care whether it was 1, or 500, out of millions. They suspended 500 journals, often on little to no basis (which they have admitted - "easily correctable problems in their profiles". If they're easy to correct, they should be easy to notice, as well) without contacting the journal owners. That's wrong. It sounds childish and simplistic, but that's it. That's all. It's wrong.

It was based on "profiles only". Therefore, if you forgot to add a line in small print to your RPG profile, you were in danger of suspension. I don't know, if I were involved in an operation to flush out paedophiles on my website, I would be quite careful about whom I accused. And I would complete a full review of the journal before I accused anyone.

Because that's sensible. It means a quiet, methodical removal of paedophiles from LiveJournal. It means not accusing the innocent. It means not making a complete fucking fool of myself when I accuse a community full of survivors of being rapists. It also means not alerting the paedophiles to what I'm doing.

Thanks to this palaver, any real child abusers will have silently flocked their journals, deleted them or gone over to GreatestJournal, JournalFen, Facebook. (But probably not MySpace, since MySpace recently handed over the journals of over 200 suspected molesters to the police. I don't know the full story, but honestly, on the surface it seems like MySpace are being a hell of a lot more socially responsible than LiveJournal. And that hurts.)

The thing is, I do believe LJ/Six Apart had good intentions. I do. But they cast their net too wide and accidentally gave a heads up to the people they were trying to catch. Meanwhile, they managed to alienate the people they claim to love.

Barak Berkowitz says in his post that LJ's actions weren't a reaction to WfI. I don't believe this. In fact, [ profile] liviapenn's suggestion that LJ were caught wrongfooted by WfI seems far more plausible - or possibly just more sympathetic. I want to stay here. I don't want to think that LJ could be so stupid.

However, this isn't the first time that LJ has bollocksed it up. It's just the worst. The other changes were ones people could accept, which they might grumble about, but hey. Life goes on. There might be Plus accounts, but hell, there's also icons. But free speech is important. And I've only been around three years or so, but it seems to me that there's been a lot more screaming since Six Apart took over. I don't want to read anything into Brad being away on holiday. I'm trying not to. But it makes me twitch a bit.

The title of Barak Berkowitz's post is "Well, we really screwed this one up..."

I'm sorry, LJ. But yeah, you did.

I've joined [ profile] fandom_counts with both my journals. The count was approaching 30 000 when last I looked. Please join.
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Please, please, someone on my flist tell me they've read Little Women. Because it is imperative that you read this and understand how close you have come to perdition!!!!!!1

I think my favourite part was this:

"We read about Dan, "He felt that he had friends now and a place in the world, something to live and work for, and, though he said little, all that was best and bravest in a character made old by a hard experience responded to the love and faith bestowed on him, and Dan's salvation was assured." (Emphasis added.) So, according to Louisa May, salvation is won by having a place in the world, friends, having love and faith bestowed upon one and responding to it positively. One can almost hear Robert Schuyler saying "You have possibilities!" or the serpent in the garden saying " shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.""

Also, I managed to complete the Guardian crossword all by myself today! Tomorrow I might try for the cryptic.


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