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I went a little overboard again this year, which led to things like sitting up in bed at 3am and writing furiously because I'd just had an idea for a Yuletide treat and gone temporarily insane. In order of writing, then.

Roses in Vancouver (Pat/Hilary, May Binnie - Pat of Silver Bush)
Of Pat, and places left behind her. )

noli me tangere (Anne Boleyn, Henry Percy, George Boleyn - Historical RPF)
Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am/And wild for to hold, though I seem tame. )

A Gentleman of Taste (Freddy/Kitty - Cotillion)
Five trials that the Honourable Frederick Standen endured with sang-froid and savoir-faire, or would have if he'd spoken a word of French. )

The Princess and the Duck (Ahiru/Rue - Princess Tutu)
Some fairy-tales have happy endings. Some don't. )

I Corinthians 13 (Richard/Alec - Swordspoint)
Richard and Alec are not exactly what you'd call ideal. )

jeté en avant (Sebastian/Veronica - Sadlers Wells)
Sebastian's irritated, Fiona's on the rampage and Veronica is mostly resigned to it all. A happy Scott family Christmas. )

The Sweets of Pillage (Bunny/Raffles - Raffles)
Three things which may or may not have happened to Harry Manders. )

Gender Roles and Other Negotiable Territory (Tommy/Tuppence - Agatha Christie's Beresford books)
Someone has to clean the flat. It's not going to be Tuppence. )

Status: Undelivered (Wilfred Owen - Historical RPF)
Letter written Saturday 2nd November 1918. Author unidentified. )

Tree of Life (Ogden/Murdoch - Murdoch Mysteries)
Why is there foliage on my desk, Detective Murdoch? )

Variations on a Friday Afternoon (Todd/Lovett, Judge/prostitute, Anthony/Johanna - Sweeney Todd)
Three ways to spend a Friday afternoon. )

Well, um, that was lengthy. If you've read this far, thank you for bearing with me.
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Everyone got their Yuletide fics done?

I'm kind of getting into Kuroshitsuji - it's kind of like Count Cain with worse art (much as I like Sebastian's character design) and possibly more historical accuracy. Possibly, I say. I'm not saying much.

I'm also falling desperately in love with New Tricks, which is a British cold case cop show and - I think that's why it's shot right up there with my favourite programmes (aside from the excellent writing, the believable characters and the continuity between episodes). The cold cases, when they're historical, are about things I know about, which I've heard my family talk about. The first episode I watched was about a case from 1975 involving a dockworkers' strike - the sort of thing my dad was all about, at the time. There's an instant recognition factor which I don't - can't - get with American programmes, by definition. (Additionally, I'd just been studying the mid-1970s for an essay, so I think that was another reason why I clicked with it so fast.)

Going to watch Murdoch Mysteries again. Whee.
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Reasons to love Murdoch Mysteries:

- the main character is a guilt-ridden, repressed Catholic detective who geeks out over Victorian science
- one episode has a really good portrayal of a gay community in Toronto circa 1895
- Dr Julia Ogden is like Nan from Jo's Boys when she grew up, only nicer
- okay, there's this bit in the episode "Still Waters":

"Dr Ogden - "


(Murdoch steps forward and kisses her passionately. The camera pulls back - it was a fantasy sequence.)

"Detective Murdoch? You wanted to ask me something?"

"...May I have my bathwater?"

One day they will give into their natural urges and hold hands.

Damn it, where is the fandom?


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