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Name 5 characters you would not want to trade lives with.

God, where do I start?

1. Johanna, Sweeney Todd. Groomed for molestation by her father-figure, forced into a mental asylum (one of my personal nightmares) with a serial killer biological father and a mad prostitute bio mum, in danger of her life from an insane murderer and finally getting to run away with a guy she's just met and who has no real idea of just what kind of hell she's been through.

(I really should write that post-musical fic where Johanna starts stabbing people right and left with her needlework scissors.)

2. Basil Hallward, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Or anyone Dorian screws over, really, Sibyl Vane or Adrian Singleton or Alan Campbell. At least Sibyl Vane and Alan Campbell get to kill themselves, though. Basil gets to be hopelessly in love with Dorian for years and to be murdered by him at the moment he realises exactly what Dorian is (and what Dorian has done to his awesome painting).

3. John Hilliard, Strange Meeting. He goes through life so painfully repressed it's hard to bear (for the reader, anyway). When he finally does find someone he can open up to, first he quarrels with them and then they die. (That's not even a spoiler: it's blatantly obvious from the moment Barton walks onto the page that someone as cheerful and good-natured as he is in a WWI novel is doomed to be first demoralised and then killed brutally.)

4. Buffy. Just...Buffy.

5. Anyone from Watchmen. Especially Rorschach. The others all have compensations for their miserable existences (philosophy, vast riches, love) but Rorschach, no. I think that's why I find him even more disturbing than the Comedian; at least the Comedian gets some enjoyment out of life, however loathesome.

Oh, I should post my Porn Battle entries:

Keys to the Kingdom [Sweeney Todd, Johanna/Anthony]

'Tis Pity She's a Whore [Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker]

Right is Might [Raffles, Raffles/Bunny]

Entertaining Angels Unawares [The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian/Basil]

Transatlantic Relations [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Adventures in Academia [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Lost in Translation [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Thou Shalt Not [Robin Hood, Marian/Guy]

Five Minutes in Six Hours [Cold Case, Lilly/Scotty]

Lesbian Massage Thingummybob [Coupling, Jane/Sally/Susan]

pan metron ariston [Maurice, Maurice/Clive]
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[ profile] 31_days fic exchange for [ profile] green_and_warty. Maurice, Clive. 526 words.

An Ordinary Fellow )

Herbert Asquith was the Liberal Prime Minister 1908-1916. In 1915, he formed a coalition government (which included Andrew Bonar Law as Colonial Secretary, despite Bonar Law being head of the Opposition). After heavy losses at Gallipoli and the Somme, not to mention the Irish Easter Rising, he was forced to resign in December 1916. This story takes place in January of that year.

Andrew Bonar Law was leader of the Conservative Party from 1911-1921. After some political argy-bargying, he became Prime Minister in 1922. He lasted barely six months, dying in May of the following year. Clive was not asked to form any part of his government.
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I. All right, Google! I understand! Edwardian women's fashion is far more fascinating than Edwardian men's. But that doesn't mean that you can't turn up one article on how they wore their hair?

II. I can get Maurice on DVD for £8.99. But I have no money. Woe.

III. A review of Maurice which brings out a lot of the symbolism in the film and book which I hadn't noticed before.

IV. This is tossing the caber, for anyone on my flist who hasn't already seen it.
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My [ profile] bb_shousetsu yuri thingy is 7000 words long and only three-quarters done. *weeps* I've looked up so much flower crap for this story it's unbelievable, and yet I know no one will actually get any of the random references. On the other hand, floriography is awesome.

I think I've realised why, of all the gay fiction I've read, E. M. Forster's Maurice is still my favourite.

Cut for not terribly logical ranting and generalisations. I'd love to discuss it, though. )

*takes deep breath, chills*
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Title: Omit: A Reference To
Day/Theme: 28th September/"Lady Madonna"
Series: Maurice
Character/Pairing: Clive, Anne, Mrs Durham
Rating: PG

( the unspeakable vice of the Greeks )


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