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Well, I didn't want to go to Durham anyway. Shitheads. *I can has sour grapes? Yes, I can has!*

Also, someone on [ profile] fandomsecrets posted a Weirdsister College secret asking why there was no fandom. I, too, do not understand this. So far, we have a dark, brooding wizard (who is totally redeemable), a supposedly-perfect rival (who becomes begrudging friends with the protagonist), a sweet if slightly dim boyfriend (played by Christian Coulson, people) and a naive, sweet main character who saves everyone with the power of niceness. If this were an anime, it'd be off the charts.

It's because it was on CITV, isn't it. That, and there are literally no DVDs. (There are some for The Worst Witch, but not Weirdsister.)

Latin poem for the day! Which I have totally not forgotten about.

O fons Bandusiae, splendidior vitro,
Dulci digne mero non sine floribus,
Cras donaberis haedo,
Cui frons turgida cornibus,

Primis et venerem et proelia destinat;
Frustra: nam gelidos inficiet tibi
Rubro sanguine rivos,
Lascivi suboles gregis.

Te flagrantis atrox hora Caniculae
Nescit tangere, tu frigus amabile
Fessis vomere tauris
Praebes et pecori vago.

Fies nobilium tu quoque fontium,
Me dicente cavis impositam ilicem
Saxis unde loquaces
Lymphae desiliunt tuae.

Once more, in English. )

I'm not really very fond of Horace - I don't read him for fun, put it that way; Martial for all his misogyny is much closer to my taste - but he is beautiful.
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Nullus esse deos, inane caelum
adfirmat Segius: probatque, quod se
factum, dum negat haec, videt beatum.

Aaaaaand now for the English. )

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From Aeneid VI:

'si nunc se nobis ille aureus arbore ramus
ostendat nemore in tanto! quando omnia uere
heu nimium de te uates, Misene, locuta est.'
uix ea fatus erat, geminae cum forte columbae
ipsa sub ora uiri caelo uenere uolantes,
et uiridi sedere solo. tum maximus heros
maternas agnouit auis laetusque precatur:
'este duces, o, si qua uia est, cursumque per auras
derigite in lucos ubi pinguem diues opacat 
ramus humum. tuque, o, dubiis ne defice rebus,
diua parens.'

And for those of you playing at home... )

You'd think for a poem where most of the hero's status derives from the maternal side, there'd be at least one eulogising of motherhood. Not so. Badly done, Virgil. Unfair! For anyone who's interested, this was the E. Fairfax Taylor translation, available in full on Project Gutenberg.

Still speaking of parenthood, but rather less than delightful: Attachment Therapy. This is a horrific form of therapy that is essentially sanctioned child abuse, which sufferers have died of. Please, please visit this site, even if you don't read it all. It's important that anyone googling "attachment therapy" comes upon it immediately. Thanks.
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Shhh, pretend it's still March 1st.

Catullus 50

Hesterno, Licini, die otiosi
multum lusimus in meis tabellis,
ut conuenerat esse delicatos.
scribens uersiculos uterque nostrum
ludebat numero modo hoc modo illoc,
reddens mutua per iocum atque uinum.
atque illinc abii tuo lepore
incensus, Licini, facetiisque,
ut nec me miserum cibus iuuaret
nec somnus tegeret quiete ocellus,
sed toto indomitus furore lecto
uesarer, cupiens uidere lucem,
ut tecum loquerer simulque ut essem.
at defessa labore membra postquam
semimortua lectulo iacebant,
hoc, iucunde, tibi poema feci,
ex quo perspiceres meum dolorem.
nunc audax caue sis, precesque nostras,
oramus, caue despuas, ocelle,
ne poenas Nemesis reposcat a te.
est uemens Dea, laedere hanc caueto.

Now for the cheat codes. )

I can't help but think it must have been wonderful to be friends with Catullus. (Unless you slept with his girlfriend. But then, of course, you wouldn't really be friends with him.)
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I. [ profile] lawnmowerpants! *<3s so hard* I got your Valentine today and I'm actually writing now. :DDDD

II. Thank you to everyone who cheered me up yesterday. ♥ It meant a lot.

III. I'm thinking of posting Greek and Latin poetry in March. Because more people should appreciate Catullus. (By Greek poetry I really mean speeches from Euripides.)

IV. I think I was supposed to write at least 300 words of coursework today. >_>;


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