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i. The toilet in Liverpool South Parkway station is space-age. There are movement sensors and whooshy doors and automatic flushing and it's so weird.

ii. I've just spent ten minutes fiddling with the remote control for the DVD player, desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with it, because I couldn't work the DVD player at all. Turns out it was the wrong remote control. I have been away from home for three weeks and I've forgotten what the doofer looks like.

iii. There are far too many italics in this post.

iv. I have the first season DVDs of Criminal Minds and I intend to watch them soon.

v. Why do I love Kuroshitsuji when it is such fail in all the areas that I care about?
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So I'm up to episode 8 of Kuroshitsuji and wow, it's really very creepy. And add me to the list of people who fell wildly in love with Sebastian at first sight. On the other hand, spoilers for the Jack the Ripper arc )

And now I'm getting back into Count Cain, which is equally problematic but with a greater degree of crack.

I'm kind of bored. Anyone want a drabble?
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Everyone got their Yuletide fics done?

I'm kind of getting into Kuroshitsuji - it's kind of like Count Cain with worse art (much as I like Sebastian's character design) and possibly more historical accuracy. Possibly, I say. I'm not saying much.

I'm also falling desperately in love with New Tricks, which is a British cold case cop show and - I think that's why it's shot right up there with my favourite programmes (aside from the excellent writing, the believable characters and the continuity between episodes). The cold cases, when they're historical, are about things I know about, which I've heard my family talk about. The first episode I watched was about a case from 1975 involving a dockworkers' strike - the sort of thing my dad was all about, at the time. There's an instant recognition factor which I don't - can't - get with American programmes, by definition. (Additionally, I'd just been studying the mid-1970s for an essay, so I think that was another reason why I clicked with it so fast.)

Going to watch Murdoch Mysteries again. Whee.


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