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Name 5 characters you would not want to trade lives with.

God, where do I start?

1. Johanna, Sweeney Todd. Groomed for molestation by her father-figure, forced into a mental asylum (one of my personal nightmares) with a serial killer biological father and a mad prostitute bio mum, in danger of her life from an insane murderer and finally getting to run away with a guy she's just met and who has no real idea of just what kind of hell she's been through.

(I really should write that post-musical fic where Johanna starts stabbing people right and left with her needlework scissors.)

2. Basil Hallward, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Or anyone Dorian screws over, really, Sibyl Vane or Adrian Singleton or Alan Campbell. At least Sibyl Vane and Alan Campbell get to kill themselves, though. Basil gets to be hopelessly in love with Dorian for years and to be murdered by him at the moment he realises exactly what Dorian is (and what Dorian has done to his awesome painting).

3. John Hilliard, Strange Meeting. He goes through life so painfully repressed it's hard to bear (for the reader, anyway). When he finally does find someone he can open up to, first he quarrels with them and then they die. (That's not even a spoiler: it's blatantly obvious from the moment Barton walks onto the page that someone as cheerful and good-natured as he is in a WWI novel is doomed to be first demoralised and then killed brutally.)

4. Buffy. Just...Buffy.

5. Anyone from Watchmen. Especially Rorschach. The others all have compensations for their miserable existences (philosophy, vast riches, love) but Rorschach, no. I think that's why I find him even more disturbing than the Comedian; at least the Comedian gets some enjoyment out of life, however loathesome.

Oh, I should post my Porn Battle entries:

Keys to the Kingdom [Sweeney Todd, Johanna/Anthony]

'Tis Pity She's a Whore [Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker]

Right is Might [Raffles, Raffles/Bunny]

Entertaining Angels Unawares [The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian/Basil]

Transatlantic Relations [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Adventures in Academia [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Lost in Translation [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Thou Shalt Not [Robin Hood, Marian/Guy]

Five Minutes in Six Hours [Cold Case, Lilly/Scotty]

Lesbian Massage Thingummybob [Coupling, Jane/Sally/Susan]

pan metron ariston [Maurice, Maurice/Clive]
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So bored. And I'm not on my own laptop, so I can't mess around as much as I'd like. Instead, I've been doing that thing where I read pairing fic for fandoms in which I have no interest and end up developing OTPs for series of which I have no knowledge.

With that in mind, er, does anyone have recs for Balthier/Basch fic?

At some point, I have to post my answers to prompts for [ profile] oxoniensis's <a href=">Porn Battle VII</a>. I wrote Mutt/Alex! \o/ No one else did, though. D: Anyone want a drabble?
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I just woke up at 3am and realised that I didn't request an Indiana Jones/Mummy crossover for Yuletide.

And I stumbled over to my laptop, turned it on and typed this post without even thinking about it. We're Generation Z for Zombie. Internet Zombies.
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Dear Internet,

You have FAILED ME. It's been a whole WEEK and you have yet to cough up any Alex O'Connell/Mutt fic. What happened to Rule 34, may I ask? I will be speaking to your parental units about this. Am I going to have to write it myself? (NB: This would involve me watching the new film, which would only lead to pain for me all concerned.)

No love,

In other news, I've spent the last few days tidying my bedroom and reshelving my books (yes, it took a few days and it's still not finished. It was...quite untidy to begin with). Apparently, once I've thrown out a lot of books I've never re-read, I have just enough room for all the rest of them. I have two bookcases of three and five shelves each, all double-banked. And this is not taking into consideration the books I'm still prising from the fingers of current and former friends. Bastards, all of them.

What am I going to do when I get to uni? Thank God for e-texts. That's a thing I never thought I'd say.
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[ profile] fannish5: Name five plot points/arcs you hated in fandoms you ordinarily love.

1. Doctor Who, "Journey's End".
Okay, I loved all of this right up to the part where spoilers come in )

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the entirety of S6. Also, S4. Well, okay, not "Once More With Feeling" (except for the Xander bit). This has been rehashed over and over, too. Blahblah heavencakes, wtfspike, Willow.

3. Indiana Jones, the insistence on having native tribes (occasionally mummified) defending the artefacts. Yes, that was the thing which annoyed me about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, not spoilers ) Also - and I realise I'm just being cranky here - it makes me so sad that priceless artefacts and the answers to countless archaeological mysteries always end up being destroyed or buried or GAAAAAAAAAAH. Indiana Jones = worst archaeologist ever.

4. The ending of The Dark is Rising sequence. I count it as second in my Top Ten Most Traumatising Endings to a Children's Fantasy Series. Guess which is first. Go on. Guess.

5. That Thing What Happens In The S2 Finale of Robin Hood. Actually, this one is cheating, 'cause I stopped watching RH about halfway through S2. But I no longer want to start watching again, shall we say.


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