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I wish there were a genre called Greekpunk, or something similar. It would probably make more sense than steampunk really does, considering that Archimedes was inventing heat rays two thousand years before there was a word for it.

Bloody Romans.
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i. The toilet in Liverpool South Parkway station is space-age. There are movement sensors and whooshy doors and automatic flushing and it's so weird.

ii. I've just spent ten minutes fiddling with the remote control for the DVD player, desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with it, because I couldn't work the DVD player at all. Turns out it was the wrong remote control. I have been away from home for three weeks and I've forgotten what the doofer looks like.

iii. There are far too many italics in this post.

iv. I have the first season DVDs of Criminal Minds and I intend to watch them soon.

v. Why do I love Kuroshitsuji when it is such fail in all the areas that I care about?
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Have discovered calling in life, that is, writing YA history books. (Not necessarily novels.)

Yes, what I really want to do with my life is be Terry Deary.
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Putin denies being a Dancing Queen

Best headline ever, or bestest headline ever? The story's not bad, too. Putin denies ever having secretly gone to an Abba tribute gig. NO RLY I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.
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Okay, it may not sound like much, but I've had the misfortune to live near the sea in all the places I've lived - it never snows, and, if it does, it never sticks.

If my train gets cancelled because of it, I'm gonna cut a bitch.
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No, really. There's just something about sitting down to an exam paper with questions like "Was Khrushchev a reformer?" and "Is 'stagnation' a useful term to use in reference to Brezhnev's rule?" that puts me in a good mood.

And now I'm free!

Things I should probably do before I go home for the weekend:

Tidy room
Use/Drink/Donate milk to orphanage
Speak to my personal tutor about changing modules
Obtain copy of Mediaeval Romances
Buy train ticket
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It's not even just a frontpage, there's been dedication involved in making that site. I am inordinately amused.

Also, I've been watching Inspector Morse ( opposed to revising) and ha, so I'll be watching Lewis as well when it comes back on. Because I love him.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] elspethelf! I hope you've had a wonderful day, one with lots of cake.
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Tonight I have learnt about the concepts of felix culpa and eucatastrophe. Now I can sleep happy.
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I just watched the first episode of The Middleman and it was full of squee and win and all those other poorly-defined qualities of awesome.

Someone reassure me that it was renewed for next year?

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I hate catering. HATE IT.

The worst part is the fact that everyone shoves stuff off on the temp. No, I tell a lie, the worst part is actually that after six hours of washing pots, the supervisor comes up to you and says, "Oh, by the way, I lost your timesheet" and somehow thinks it's funny.

I DID NOT: rip his face off in a fit of rage, screaming, "WILL IT BE SO FUNNY WHEN I KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING BASTARD?"

I DID: say relatively calmly, "Oh. Should I go back to the agency for another copy?"

I hate catering.

But I did read The Painted Veil today! I kept sneaking into the cupboard to read a quick chapter every so often. Now I know how smokers feel. And when I got locked out of the house (I forgot my keys, no one was home), I sat down on the doorstep and read most of the rest of it.

massive spoilers, but they are spoilers of magic )

Now for The Remains of the Day. I really do plan to finish that one sometime.
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It's just so awesome. I mean, I hate soap operas and it's awesome.

[ profile] acari has a decent overview of why you should watch it. Gay boxers? Adorable brotherly love? The gay boxer and his snarky boyfriend ("Christian. Put some clothes on first.") and their roommate, Judith, who's as cute as a lolcat and is a construction worker? Her boyfriend named a star after her. Or her sort-of boyfriend, there's kind of a love triangle going on there.

Just in case you're not convinced, how about [ profile] loveyouallwrong's picspam of Christian, the boxer who is NOT GAY, REALLY, and of Olli, who is far too nice for him, even if he is snarky. Also, on a completely shallow level, they are both hot like burning.
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GUYS GUYS Do I know anyone who's read the Angels Unlimited books? You know, the YA novels about the angelic trainee who screws things up a lot (while being genuinely adorable)? With the Three Cosmic Musketeers and the fallen angel who's not so bad, really, and the embarrassingly beautiful Archangel Michael? The one where they meet Shakespeare? And end up in a Japanese idol singer's video game? Where all the really fantastically nuts things happen and the main character frantically handwaves it away with, "It's cosmic! Must be somewhere in the angelic training manual I didn't read!"

Oh, come on, someone must be intrigued by this description. Anyway, someone's written fic for it. I suspect this person may be the same person who posted on [ profile] fandomsecrets the other day complaining there was no fandom for it. Let's go and support her, people!

(Damn it, I failed to start a Weirdsister College fandom. I won't fail Angels Unlimited!)

In other news, someone started a fanfic challenge based on BPAL perfumes. BPAL perfumes are rather bizarre, I feel, if steampunkishly charming. [ profile] 6impearfics, everyone.
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Things which have pleased me today:

Sontar-HA! (I've been doing the Sontaran haka all day. It's addictive.);

I've finished the fic I was writing and I don't hate it;

BRIAN BLESSED was on my favourite telly programme last night and will be on it again today;


Five Things Toby Wished He Didn't Remember
Sweeney Todd, Toby.
580 words. Section titles from the musical Les Misérables.

five things toby wished he didn't remember )
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Rickrolling! Ian Hislop knows what rickrolling is! He may not be able to name the England football team, but he knows what rickrolling is! Blake's 7!

BRIAN BLESSED. OH MY GOD MY CUP IT RUNNETH OVER. He called the Spartans poofters! And then apologised to Alan Duncan. "And what were you called in Z Cars?" "....Fancy Smith."


(Meme? Give me a "five things" in any fandom we share and I will write them.)
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From the Dryden translation of the Aeneid. I'm so sorry.

Today is Shakespeare's (probable) birthday and (almost certain) deathday. Therefore, because I get these things backwards, I'm going to talk about Virgil.

Virgil = ...I was going to say, "awesome", but a) that word is overused and b) I really, really hate Aeneas. So Virgil = great. He had excellent taste in politicians (he has a blatant crush on Augustus which is totally understandable) and had the Best Patron Ever, Maecenas.

The reason I want to talk about Virgil is because we recently finished reading Book 10 of the Aeneid in Classics.

cut for excessive quotation and heartmarks )

TL;DR: Screw Pallas. Lausus and Mezentius are where it's at.
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There has been a gross mistranslation of the Bible. It turns out humans were not made in God's image, cats were. More proof here.
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cut for size issues )

One of the reasons I love Oedipus Tyrannus so much, quite apart from all that stuff about how perfectly structured it is (Aristotle had fangasms over it), is how well the story fits with its protagonist. One of the themes of it is the choice between happy lies and harsh truth. Oedipus himself is pretty damn happy with the world at the start of the play, despite the plague in Thebes, he's got a wife he obviously loves and four children he just as clearly adores. (The daughters, at least, we don't see his relationship with his sons.) At the end of it, of course, he's discovered that he murdered his father (bringing down the plague on the city), has married his mother (who has hanged herself) and his children are also his siblings (and since he's being exiled from the city, he won't be allowed to see them any more). Oh, yeah, and now he's stabbed his own eyes out. But...

At the beginning of the play, Oedipus declares his determination to root out the cause of the plague and asks the Thebans to put their trust in him. Because - "I am Oedipus!" who saved them from the Sphinx. At the end, he declares himself a broken man, but still - "I am Oedipus!" Now he's blind, he sees himself clearly and while he's shamed before the entire city, he owns himself, now more than ever. He's done terrible things - unknowingly, not that that saves him from the wrath of the gods - but he faces up to and lives with them. At the end of the play he reaches out to the people of Thebes, who still love him even knowing all of this. Throughout the play Oedipus's search for truth at the expense of his own comfort keeps him sympathetic (important, when he's threatening to beat up an old blind man). He thinks he may have killed Laius, bringing down his own curse upon his head; he believes he is the son of a slave, but he keeps investigating when other people would have quietly closed down the inquiry and perhaps let the plague run its course. Contrast with Jocasta, who figures out that Oedipus is her son long before he does and begs him to stop it. She would rather live in blissful ignorance than have proof and pays the price for it.

I think what I'm trying to say boils down to two things:

1. the play Oedipus Tyrannus is so much more complex and interesting than "dude fucked his mom". The actual incest is so far from the point it isn't even funny.

2. Oedipus = my favourite character in Greek myth. Ever.

Also, that old blind man? Had it coming.
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Nullus esse deos, inane caelum
adfirmat Segius: probatque, quod se
factum, dum negat haec, videt beatum.

Aaaaaand now for the English. )


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