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I was watching the second episode of Crooked House (the Christmas haunted house drama by Mark Gatiss, not a hitherto unknown adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel) and while it wasn't terribly scary (I only screamed once, and I'm incredibly squeamish about horror), it made me think.

Is it just me, or is there a trope with regard to upper-class men in costume dramas dealing with the first half of the twentieth-century? One of them's going to be gay. At least. (Particularly if we're talking Edwardians or the late 1920s.) It can't all be due to Sebastian Flyte and Merchant-Ivory, can it?

N.B. I am not complaining, merely commenting.

Speaking of unexpected gay characters in historical dramas! I was reading Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James and that was probably the best part.

spoilers! )

All in all, it was a good read - better than Kiss Me, Annabel and The Taming of the Duke, which I should also talk about at some point, but I think Much Ado About You is the best of the bunch. But there are no stealth lesbians in Much Ado, which is a great pity.
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Ah, IMDb! So amazingly stupid.

"Here we have a "racy" look at a dysfunctional Victorian family, with a sympathetic pitch for an adulterous, manipulative wife accused of murder; she is "only following my nature" and laments that society will punish her for it. So who is the real culprit? Why, a fat, homosexual, woman-hating, mother-hating transvestite! The film might as well have been made in 1955, for all the new insight it sheds on Victorian mores. How much more daring -- and logical! -- if the gay member of the family ("only following my nature") had been made the sympathetic victim, instead of the filmmakers' scapegoat."

Sometimes you just have to giggle. Or cry. I went with *facepalm*.
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...I just stayed up all night arguing about RTD's inclusion of GLBTQI characters in Doctor Who. Someone hold me down the next time I start making lists.

I don't think I've ever really loved a mod before. Oh, [ profile] thehornedgod, you are awesome.

That said, in among the rage-making, there is some really good analysis here. Also mockery and Doctor Who Gay Agenda bingo!

Things I want in the S4 finale:

- no catfighting
- one shot - just one shot! - of Martha, Rose and Donna standing together in a badass pose. Because that would be perfect for the mental fanvid I have to One Girl Revolution. If only I could make vids.
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You know, in the comments section to every single post of Strawberry Panic, on YouTube, on Stage 6, on Veoh, on Crunchy Roll, on every single one, there's someone going,

"Are all these girls lesbians?"

"This is so unrealistic!"

"Man, √Čtoile-sama's hot/creepy/both!"

"There are no lesbians in Catholic girls' schools!"

#1: Yes, they are. It's sort of blatantly obvious.

#2: Yes, and you're watching anime. I don't notice you complaining about the giant robots trying to take over the world. Or the magical girl who destroys evil with the power of love. Shut up. There's also a point where you don't hear nearly so many people bitching about how many straight people there are in American high school programmes. (From what I can tell, it works out to about one gay person per programme, and that's when you take out half the cast of, say, South of Nowhere and shoehorn them into programmes like Smallville.)

#3: She is. She's also kind of a bitch. Poor Rokujou. I'd've murdered Shizuma by this point for making me look so bad.

#4: Hahahahahaha. Also, see Point #2.


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