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Quick - anyone got recs for epic longfic? Fandom immaterial, I just need something to keep me awake for the next four hours.

(I watched the 2002 film of The Count of Monte Cristo. It was very pretty and I kept going, "I know him! Who the hell is that?" at the screen. I think it lacks some urgency, though, when the vengeance that your sympathetic characters are begging the lead not to pursue amounts to...putting his enemies in prison for the crimes they committed. Also, wow, that Mercedes was awful.)
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You know, the 2002 film The Four Feathers...

The book is about a man called Harry Feversham who resigns his commission on the day before his regiment go out to Africa. As a result, three of his friends send him white feathers, minus his best friend, Jack Durrance, who argues that Harry must have reasons besides cowardice. But then Harry's fiancée, Ethne, also gives Harry a white feather, and he resolves to redeem himself and save his reputation by going out to Africa and doing...something brave. That's his main plan. He wants to make them all take back their feathers. Cut a long story short, he does.

In the film, they focused on Harry's experiences in the war in Africa, which was okay, I suppose. I liked that both sides were portrayed as pretty damn horrible, though I really think they should have shown more of the British atrocities if they were going to go that route. And, um, wow, Abou Fatma does a lot for Harry while getting fuck-all in return and they don't ever talk about this. Also, the white friend who gave Harry the feather in the first place seems to be more important to him than the black friend who got tortured for him. That's uneasy, to say the least. (Bearing in mind that this is an improvement on the actual novel, which is about as racially sensitive as Boris Johnson.)

The big thing from the book that they changed, though: the book spends a lot of time focusing on Ethne's journey as a character. You find out what Harry's done when his friends come to see her, and the novel focuses a great deal on how she feels about it and how she changes from the idealistic girl who was disgusted at Harry's cowardice to the mature woman who understands what he's been through. Whereas Kate Hudson's Ethne is hardly in the damn film. And also crap. I think what bothers me most about the change was that Ethne was probably the most complex character in the novel (and again, this is an Edwardian novel, a period where complex female characters were few and far between) and the story was preoccupied with her experiences as a woman left at home in a time of war. It's not something you see much. Of course, it's also very internal and claustrophobic, so I suppose I can see why.

One positive: Durrance/Feversham/Ethne were still OT3. Possibly even more so, because the film's ending is left fairly ambiguous, considering.
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Christopher Marlowe once stabbed a man in Cheapside just to watch him die. Maybe.

Rufus Wainwright is going to write an opera. It's apparently about a day in the life of an opera singer. Yay.

Guillermo del Toro wants the LOTR cast back for The Hobbit. Also yay.

And then there was this:

Scarlett Johansson to play Mary Queen of Scots. NO NO NO ON A NO SANDWICH. For fuck's sake, we've established that the woman can't act when in Tudor costume. Wasn't The Other Boleyn Girl enough for us? At least Mary Boleyn was supposed to be completely fucking insipid. Also, Ireland is doubling for Scotland like they did in Braveheart (what's the betting they make the English out to be monsters again? Yeah. Though, really - Elizabeth was twenty times nicer to Mary than her own lords would've been if they'd caught her).

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James McAvoy may be playing Kurt Cobain in biopic

Since I know some people on my flist adore him. :D Lovely as he is, however, I will not be seeing it. I can't watch films where I know they die at the end, I can't stand it. Especially if they commit suicide. Especially if they're gay, too. I only barely managed to bring myself to go and see Brokeback Mountain because spoiler! ) Didn't work, I was a wreck anyway.

This is apparently being written by David Benioff, who wrote Troy, so there's another reason for me to avoid it. Pervert my epic myths, why don't you. Kurt Cobain's descent into drug use will last three weeks instead of years, etc. (Insert edited complaints about Troy which I am too tired to reiterate here.)

Talk about Nottingham

This is the one where Russell Crowe plays the Sheriff and Robin is a terrorist. (Was Original Flavour!Robin Hood a socialist terrorist or a terrorist socialist? Should I shut up about ridiculous semantics?) This means it is literally the polar opposite to our dearly beloved Robin Hood 2006, and shows what happens when the Americans get hold of British stories. (On the other hand, the Americans brought us the greatest Robin Hood film yet and one somehow much more accurate than 2006. I'm talking about the Disney version, of course.)

I think my biggest problem with this twist in the tale is that Russell-Crowe-as-Sheriff is somehow analogous to Jack-Bauer-as-Sheriff, though I am told that Russell Crowe is an actor capable of extraordinary nuance and skill. Apparently.

A tidbit which I'm sure [ profile] just_marzipan will like:

John, known in his own life as John Lackland (because as the youngest son he didn’t get any inheritance) “was actually pretty smart,” Scott insisted. “[But] he got a bad rap because he introduced taxation. So he’s the bad guy in this.”

They seem to be going with the "Richard was made of puppies and awesome!" trope, which works better here than in Robin Hood 2006. Because even though Robin realised the Crusade (which, to be honest, was a Christian jihad, yes?) was a bad idea, Richard obviously didn't, so having Robin still be going on like the sun shines out of Richard's arse undermines the series's message. Whereas if Robin Hood is a terrorist and the Sheriff is a NYC cop, he is the former Secret Service man and bodyguard to none other than Lionheart!George Bush.

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Thank God there's a decent film on at FACT. I went to the Odeon website first and started panicking because there was nothing I wanted to see, except maybe Transformers (which doesn't start until 5pm anyway). Let that be a lesson to me: never ask someone out to the pictures unless you have a film in mind.

In Doctor Who related news: I have two halves of a story, the first meeting and the post-coital conversation about the Doctor. Someone plz tell me hao 2 fit them together.


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