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So bored. And I'm not on my own laptop, so I can't mess around as much as I'd like. Instead, I've been doing that thing where I read pairing fic for fandoms in which I have no interest and end up developing OTPs for series of which I have no knowledge.

With that in mind, er, does anyone have recs for Balthier/Basch fic?

At some point, I have to post my answers to prompts for [ profile] oxoniensis's <a href=">Porn Battle VII</a>. I wrote Mutt/Alex! \o/ No one else did, though. D: Anyone want a drabble?
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Quick - anyone got recs for epic longfic? Fandom immaterial, I just need something to keep me awake for the next four hours.

(I watched the 2002 film of The Count of Monte Cristo. It was very pretty and I kept going, "I know him! Who the hell is that?" at the screen. I think it lacks some urgency, though, when the vengeance that your sympathetic characters are begging the lead not to pursue amounts to...putting his enemies in prison for the crimes they committed. Also, wow, that Mercedes was awful.)

Fic rec

Jan. 1st, 2008 08:31 pm
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Yuletide is (sort of) officially over! Now to reply to comments, of which I have just over 200. I wrote a lot of Yuletide fics...

Now is a good time to rec the fantastic Yuletide story which was written for me. Always: Time Will Bring Their Hour by [ profile] kenazfiction is a superb story in The Charioteer fandom. It's about Alec, and Sandy, and why they stay together when their relationship's such a mess, why in particular Alec stays with Sandy. Their relationship here is realistic - if heartbreaking - and incredibly fascinating. The writing itself is beautifully crafted.

Fic rec!

Dec. 25th, 2007 02:45 am
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Heeeeey, someone wrote Yuletide fic.

I mean, 1291 people have written Yuletide fic. But only one person so far has written Yuletide fic. As in, Yuletide-as-a-fandom fic. And it's a crossover with Gundam Wing.

See, I knew you'd want to read it. For the meta.

A Gundam Yuletide by [ profile] etothey 


Oct. 21st, 2007 03:28 pm
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I have seen *counts* sixteen posts on my flist about Dumbledore being gay. I am disappointed, flist. I was expecting at least twenty. Actually, I just wish she'd mentioned it in the books. Canon from the interviews annoys me. It's not like she didn't already have about 300 pages of extraneous crap in the books.

Anyway, I have promised recs! And I shall deliver. I waited until today so that one of my recs would no longer be a WIP. By fandom:

Vorkosigan recs )

The Silmarillion recs )

Avengers recs )

X-Men recs )

Doctor Who recs )

Robin Hood recs )

Shakespeare recs )
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Making Up Is Hard To Do by [ profile] china_shop (Fandom/LJ, NC17)

What can I say? This is one of the best AnthropomorFics I've ever read, with all the punning, meta and gloriously funny satire that goes with that. It's also really, really hot porn. Go for it.
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I have a new mouse. It's very light and the cursor jumps about the screen like a demented performing flea.

I also have Broadband. Everything seems to be going very fast now. I almost miss dial-up, it made it so much easier to be lazy.

Also, for anyone on my flist who likes Swordspoint:

Conversations with the Mad by [ profile] thornsmoke

It's a lovely, elegant piece of writing that captures the book's atmosphere perfectly. The language is beautiful and her imagery is exquisite. Her dialogue has the jagged edges of the novel and her characterisation of Richard and Alec is spot-on.


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