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Taste that? That is the sweet flavour of vindication.

I was right, my mum was wrong. (Repeat ad nauseam.) *does a little dance*

30% on RxJ #16! And counting! Finally.
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You know, it's odd. In the two days I've been using Firefox, I've experienced a curious sensation of frothing rage. Firefox has had more problems, both with randomly shutting down and refusing to automatically enlarge text that for fuck's sake, I need bigger, than I had with IE. IE only randomly crashed once a week, but every time I've opened a Firefox browser it's eventually died on me.

It's strange that what in IE only caused me to roll my eyes and keep a game of Freecell on standby (never crashes, never even blips!) for when the screen froze, inspires utter fury in me with Firefox.

Maybe it's Firefox's indie status, which has people singing its praises so loudly and so often that I automatically expect a perfect performance. Like Macs, I can only take so much before I start protectively hugging PC/IE and crooning how it's safe with me, I'll always love it, I will, oh I will...cootchie-coo.

Or maybe I've just finally lost it. Time will tell.
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Sometimes I just want to shout "EPIC FAIL" at everyone I know. Just because they're not doing this, that or the other and it's been a shitty week. Sort of. I'm just tired.

On the other hand, I really liked Doctor Who this week. I know I've quoted this line before, but Martha Jones, you're a star.
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I haven't known what to say about the latest crisis to hit LJ, so I haven't said anything. I haven't locked my fic, I haven't changed my interests. I've kept informed - but you'd have to be living in a sandbox not to.

Barak Berkowitz has apologised. It surprises me that he has (on the behalf of Six Apart), because I was expecting something more weaselly. But at the same time, some parts of his post make me...twitch.

They suspended 500 journals - and frankly, I don't care whether it was 1, or 500, out of millions. They suspended 500 journals, often on little to no basis (which they have admitted - "easily correctable problems in their profiles". If they're easy to correct, they should be easy to notice, as well) without contacting the journal owners. That's wrong. It sounds childish and simplistic, but that's it. That's all. It's wrong.

It was based on "profiles only". Therefore, if you forgot to add a line in small print to your RPG profile, you were in danger of suspension. I don't know, if I were involved in an operation to flush out paedophiles on my website, I would be quite careful about whom I accused. And I would complete a full review of the journal before I accused anyone.

Because that's sensible. It means a quiet, methodical removal of paedophiles from LiveJournal. It means not accusing the innocent. It means not making a complete fucking fool of myself when I accuse a community full of survivors of being rapists. It also means not alerting the paedophiles to what I'm doing.

Thanks to this palaver, any real child abusers will have silently flocked their journals, deleted them or gone over to GreatestJournal, JournalFen, Facebook. (But probably not MySpace, since MySpace recently handed over the journals of over 200 suspected molesters to the police. I don't know the full story, but honestly, on the surface it seems like MySpace are being a hell of a lot more socially responsible than LiveJournal. And that hurts.)

The thing is, I do believe LJ/Six Apart had good intentions. I do. But they cast their net too wide and accidentally gave a heads up to the people they were trying to catch. Meanwhile, they managed to alienate the people they claim to love.

Barak Berkowitz says in his post that LJ's actions weren't a reaction to WfI. I don't believe this. In fact, [ profile] liviapenn's suggestion that LJ were caught wrongfooted by WfI seems far more plausible - or possibly just more sympathetic. I want to stay here. I don't want to think that LJ could be so stupid.

However, this isn't the first time that LJ has bollocksed it up. It's just the worst. The other changes were ones people could accept, which they might grumble about, but hey. Life goes on. There might be Plus accounts, but hell, there's also icons. But free speech is important. And I've only been around three years or so, but it seems to me that there's been a lot more screaming since Six Apart took over. I don't want to read anything into Brad being away on holiday. I'm trying not to. But it makes me twitch a bit.

The title of Barak Berkowitz's post is "Well, we really screwed this one up..."

I'm sorry, LJ. But yeah, you did.

I've joined [ profile] fandom_counts with both my journals. The count was approaching 30 000 when last I looked. Please join.
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I got the challenge for the final of the writing competition I'm in. It's in two parts: one fiction, one non-fiction.

The non-fiction: "Why I write".

The fiction is a short story with a beginning, middle and end.

I have 1000 words for each.

WTF is wrong with these people, seriously. Write a story with a plot in 1000 words? God, cruelty.

Also, I am up against a girl who wrote a satirical allegory for WWI using lobsters. This is not looking good.
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FFN review for A Wish Your Heart:

Uh...oO Kohaku is a GIRL. Well, actually, the angels and demons don't have any gender, but she's a girl...Yeah...

If Kohaku doesn't have any gender, how can s/he be a girl? It's explained quite clearly in the TokyoPop translation that the choice to refer to angels as "she" and demons as "he" was fairly arbitrary. I used "he" because it's the default pronoun for sexless beings (since "it" refers to objects and I find it insulting to use it in reference to people) and if I were to write another Wish fanfic today, I would probably use the unofficial gender-neutral pronouns "se" and "hir".

I would say thank you for reviewing, but you didn't.

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I. All right, Google! I understand! Edwardian women's fashion is far more fascinating than Edwardian men's. But that doesn't mean that you can't turn up one article on how they wore their hair?

II. I can get Maurice on DVD for £8.99. But I have no money. Woe.

III. A review of Maurice which brings out a lot of the symbolism in the film and book which I hadn't noticed before.

IV. This is tossing the caber, for anyone on my flist who hasn't already seen it.
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England out of World Cup

*is terribly unpatriotic and unsporting*

I'm so happy. Now we can get rid of those bloody flags. And Rooney even got sent off, it's brilliant.

The BBC showed an inspirational montage. Of, erm, the England team making idiots of themselves on the pitch. But it had wonderfully sobby music. It went on for five minutes, but I think they were mostly marking time before Doctor Who came on.

I feel a bit mean now. Like celebrating because someone's favourite programme got cancelled. Football's just one huge fandom, after all. But I really hated those flags. And I don't like any of our players.


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