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Things which I dislike:

  • Workplaces which decide after an hour that they're over-staffed, hence they send you home. (Fuckers, it cost me almost as much to get there as I earned.)

  • Complex instructions about how to operate a Freeview box, which nevertheless manage to leave out highly pertinent information about, oh, how to switch it into digital mode.

  • Map-reading. People shout at me and I panic and I drop the map and I lose my place and then I get us lost.

Everything else, though, I'm pretty zen about.
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I. I love it when I have UNEXPECTED PETER CAPALDI on my TV. *is watching old Poirot episodes*

II. Oh, hey, my parents are home from their holiday. I can no longer play rock music at full blast. On the bright side, my next-door neighbour will stop giving me dirty looks.

III. I'm re-reading Shortpacked! and I think I really shouldn't ship Ethan/Mike as much as I do.

IV. I'm reading the Doctor Who anon meme and feeling depressed. I hate being reminded why I'm not really in Doctor Who fandom. Also, it's possible to dislike River Song without being a crazy Doctor/Rose shipper. Really. I've done it. Similar for Steven Moffat.


IVb. Someone rec me genfic? I have decided that my only ships in DW are Mickey/Jake, Doctor/Master and Martha/Donna. Because Mickey/Jake is adorable with added comrades-in-arms charm; because Doctor/Master is epic; because Martha and Donna are BFF. Also, maybe some old-school shipping, but that's optional.

IVc. Okay, am reading Martha/Master fic. Heeeeee. I don't think I could ever love this pairing seriously, but otherwise WIN. (And I'm discovering some affection for Martha/Tom.)

V. Ask me my opinion of any fannish topic. Show, character, storyline, meta issues, kerfuffle, you name it, I shall opine about it.
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I burnt my mother's new couch with straighteners. In trying to remove the burn, I accidentally managed to scour a good bit of paint off it. I've confessed and she'll be coming home early today.

...I'm just going out for a walk. I may be some time. Pray for me.
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I HAS A LEATHER JACKET. Um. It was only about £7.50, which is probably my mum insisted on going to the January sales. Also, I have heeled boots - actual heels! They make me feel tall! - which are blue suede. So I have blue suede boots. I almost got it right...

In other news, our car almost blew up. It was dripping petrol everywhere, which freaked my dad out so much he dragged us both out of the car and away from the petrol station. Oddly enough, I grabbed Vive la Revolution, but not my coat. After all, if the car (and the petrol station) blew up, I'd be warm, but I'd have nothing to read. (Also, I borrowed it from [ profile] just_marzipan and allowing someone else's property to be blown up along with me is just not kosher.)

The car is actually fine. My dad thinks he overfilled it, that's all, though he didn't work this out until we were having a cup of tea in the Asda café. (Asda do horrible sandwiches, by the way, but lovely apple pie.)

However. Clearly the most important thing to occur today is that I achieved a leather jacket. Yes, achieved. There is no other word.
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Taste that? That is the sweet flavour of vindication.

I was right, my mum was wrong. (Repeat ad nauseam.) *does a little dance*

30% on RxJ #16! And counting! Finally.
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I am painting my room. It used to be a lovely dark blue from ceiling to skirting-board and now it is a rather dingy white.

Sometimes I wish the meaning of something was transferred straight from the author's head into the readers'. Then both sides would be happy: the reader would have perfect insight into the story and the author would know that the reader understood every word of their deathless prose. This would also kill all the wank about misinterpretation or obscure metaphors or the placement of semi-colons, and while on one hand this may sound a relief, with the other it would take down the entirety of academia.

Hobson's choice, really, except for how it's not.

I was reading Wodehouse's The Gold Bat last night. I made a handy-dandy list of characters to keep my attention on it. That is the downside of Project Gutenberg - it's so easy to lose track of what you're reading.

I was reading Susan Hill's Strange Meeting this morning and I have two questions for anyone on my flist who's read it, but especially [ profile] just_marzipan:

What is Franklin's deal? He apparently dislikes Barton on sight and includes Hilliard with that. Is Hilliard right, and he's jealous of their friendship? Is he suspicious of it? Is he what Hilliard might have been had he not met Barton?

What was in the last, unfinished letter Barton wrote to his family that Miriam is so anxious Hilliard should see? Not just the ordinary news and philosophy, surely?
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You know you're spaced out when fireworks are going off all around you on New Year's Eve and you've no idea why.

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's hope it's a good one.
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I am teh AWESOMES.

I connected my Broadband back up ALL BY MYSELF.

shutup. I'm proud of it, okay?
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I. I wish you could pay library fines by debit. It would make life so much easier (not to mention, less embarrassing. I paid all my fines off last week! I was debt-free, for what feels like the first time in my library career! Where did that £9.65 charge come from?)

II. Almost Christmas. Almost. I should do shopping, but I can't be bothered.

III. Where the hell do I get a picture framed in Liverpool?

IV. I've been offered the opportunity to go to Strasbourg and visit the European Parliament. However, I'm not sure if a) I can afford it (what with Paris last October) and b) if I actually dare ask my parents.

V. I have money. This feels like a vaguely unnatural occurrence; therefore, said money must be got rid of as swiftly as possible.
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I just had an encounter with next-door's cat, the bane of our garden.

One of us hissed and clawed and spat.

The other went on calmly peeing in the hydrangea.

spoilers for Rise of the Cybermen  )
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Why is it that whenever we're on holiday, my mother makes such disgusting food?

/random misery


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