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Re: Eleven, so long as he isn't asked to do a Cockney accent, we're probably all right.

I wish we could get a companion who wouldn't automatically be OTP with him. I mean, with fandom, that's hard, but they could try.
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[ profile] fannish5: List your 5 favorite unrequited love stories.

My favourite unrequited love stories tend to end up requited, because my heart can't take it otherwise. I hate love triangles with a passion. Still, let's see:

1. Dean ----> Emily, Emily of New Moon. So Dean is highly disturbing in just about every respect to a modern reader: he was best friends with her father, he first encounters Emily when she's prepubescent and expresses interest in her straight away, he's controlling and goes out of his way to destroy her career ambitions because he wants all of her attention for himself. Daddy-Long-Legs has nothing on Dean. But I do like Dean, and he has the advantage over Teddy in that he manages a strong presence in all three books. This seems to be a theme in L. M. Montgomery's books: the romantic interest is absent for a while - Montreal for choice - which gives the heroine time to realise she loves him. I think the only series where this works really well is Anne, because Gilbert is only out of Anne's sphere for half of Anne of the Island and gets mentioned in every chapter anyway.

Dean is so sad when Emily breaks the engagement. I think that's it.

2. Sebastian ----> Charles, Brideshead Revisited. This is the part of the novel which interests me most - I can't stand Julia and I don't know why. I don't think I'm alone on the former, since I can remember reading critics who say the novel goes downhill after Sebastian and Charles separate (in all fairness, I suspect that I'm thinking of Christopher Hitchens, who would say that). Sebastian excites all my maternal instincts, that's what.

3. Basil ----> Dorian, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Basil is another character who makes me feel protective. I over-empathise with him, because being in unrequited love is bad enough, but being in unrequited love with someone who won't hesitate to use you and throw you away when they're done is ten times worse.

4. Martha ----> Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who. I'm kind of batshit about this one. I wouldn't necessarily count it as my favourite unrequited love story; I have too many issues with it (some of them to do with race and Rose, some of them with the writing). But I ship it. I ship it platonically, too. (Technically, I do that with all of these, but I'm not above quarrelling about this one.)

5. Brienne ----> Jaime, A Song of Ice and Fire. Brienne! Who's so loyal and kind and stalwart, and Jaime, who's...well, he's loyal. Up to a point. (That point would be when his idol sleeps with Lancel, Ser Osmund and Moon Boy, too, for all he knows.) And Jaime's learning to be kind, sometimes, when he feels like it.

My Book-a-Day project has already fallen behind, so I'm reading two today to make up for it. First, The Romanovs by Oliver Thomson )

I also read The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling )

Today, I watched Dickens's Secret Lover )
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First line meme! Post the first line from all of your WiPs.

"The Bartons were welcoming, as Hilliard had been told they would be, though their eyes sometimes flickered over Hilliard's stripes and then up to his face as if they expected to see another – they did, of course."
- mostly involving Hilliard wandering round the Bartons' house being confused by all these well-adjusted people.

"Curio woke in – not darkness, exactly, but light blurred and dimmed in his vision, blotching purple and green as he blinked."
- five times Curio and Francisco quarrelled, part one of something which will probably never see the light of day.

"i. love suffereth long, and is kind"
- Richard/Alec, drabbles to the tune of I Corinthians 13, at which they fail.

"Haven't we met, you're some kind of beautiful stranger…"
- involving AU!Superhero!Noldor, Fingon apparently liking Madonna, don't ask

"I’ll never forget the day that bastard walked into my office."
- Noir!Elves AU, with Haleth as a hard-boiled PI investigating the theft of three priceless diamonds from a mob family, the Finwions.

"It was a pleasant domestic scene, such as might be found in any household on Kearny's Lane."
- Johanna manipulating the fuck out of Anthony. "I'll get some lye", indeed.

"She was so young in those days, a lovely little slip of a thing."
- this one about Mrs Lovett having an abortion

"His mother took one look at Johanna, wrapped up in a black shawl he'd bought from a pedlar on the road, and tutted."
- part of a potentially longer fic where Anthony tries to come to terms with the fact that his shiny new princess is irredeemably fucked-up.

"It is an assured fact that most English (or indeed, to give Moriarty and O'Hara their due, Irish) schoolboys will work hard, love honour and boxing, and above all, play the game."
- PG Wodehouse's school stories, which was a gift for someone. Never really worked out.

"Their hotel room in Pisa has a balcony and costs twice as much for that very reason."
- an Amon/Robin travelogue, post-series.

"The sights I could show thee, O sailor far from home
Who hath cross'd the blue sea in but a coracle."
- Medea/Jason scrapbook fic, part of which I'm trying to write in hexameter (as above), but I can't even face dactylic hexameter.

"“I don’t think I like myself any more,” he said in a faraway voice, so young and trembling like the aftermath of a storm."
- Nine meets Ovid, post-Time War.

""The TARDIS threw me out," the Doctor said mournfully, his hand on the doorbell."
- a weird Ten/Martha fic

"Thirty-three seconds ago, Donna was screaming for help."
- what time means to the Doctor.
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I has a cold. *sniffle*

[ profile] fannish5:  Five reasons your OTP/a favorite pairing belong together.

Who do I choose? I won't choose.

Anne/Gilbert )

Anthony/Johanna )

Maedhros/Fingon )

I'm writing Doctor Who vampire hunter AU. DW is a fandom largely without crack-filled AU like that, because anything you can think of is plausible within canon (and probably has been done within canon, too). And yet. Next it'll be high school AU.

List three stories you think I will never ever write, and I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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God, the new Miss Marple is terrible.

The music telegraphs everything significant! It utterly fails to give a sense of suspense to one of the most suspenseful novels Christie ever wrote!

I love it like cake. It's hilarious. It's a total bastardisation of one of my favourites (but they do that to every single Christie that I love best), but it's silly fun. You know, too, that somewhere the Doctor is crying.
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[ profile] fannish5: Name five plot points/arcs you hated in fandoms you ordinarily love.

1. Doctor Who, "Journey's End".
Okay, I loved all of this right up to the part where spoilers come in )

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the entirety of S6. Also, S4. Well, okay, not "Once More With Feeling" (except for the Xander bit). This has been rehashed over and over, too. Blahblah heavencakes, wtfspike, Willow.

3. Indiana Jones, the insistence on having native tribes (occasionally mummified) defending the artefacts. Yes, that was the thing which annoyed me about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, not spoilers ) Also - and I realise I'm just being cranky here - it makes me so sad that priceless artefacts and the answers to countless archaeological mysteries always end up being destroyed or buried or GAAAAAAAAAAH. Indiana Jones = worst archaeologist ever.

4. The ending of The Dark is Rising sequence. I count it as second in my Top Ten Most Traumatising Endings to a Children's Fantasy Series. Guess which is first. Go on. Guess.

5. That Thing What Happens In The S2 Finale of Robin Hood. Actually, this one is cheating, 'cause I stopped watching RH about halfway through S2. But I no longer want to start watching again, shall we say.
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[ profile] fannish5: Name the 5 best pilot episodes of tv series.

1. "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
It was awesome eleven years ago, it's still awesome today. It's the genesis of the Scooby Gang, assembling all the essential parts. Angel's there in full mystery-guy capacity. Giles is forced to go to a nightclub with all these teenagers and get mocked by Buffy. And it's the episode from which they nabbed the final shot of the opening credits, the one of Buffy looking up from her crossbow and staring the camera full in the face with a bad motherfucker expression. ILU, Buffy. Always. The only not-awesome part of this is the part where they killed Jesse and never mentioned him again. It's not like BTVS to miss an opportunity for angst, that's all I'm saying.

2. "Look Again", Cold Case. All right, I'm just getting into Cold Case. But I watched this episode and teared up, which I don't often do at telly. Subsequent episodes of Cold Case have made me bawl for hours (okay, there's this one with a gay baseball player in the 1960s, and another one with a single unwed mother in the 1950s forced to give up her baby for adoption and shit, really, you have to watch it), but this was the first I ever watched. It's about the murder of a teenage girl in 1976, and the reopening of the case in 2003 after a witness offers testimony. Cold Case is unashamedly feminist, the protagonist, Detective Lilly Rush, is the first female homicide detective in Philadelphia, but that's just one reason to love it. The main reason it's such an effective bit of television is because the viewer gets to know the victim so well through flashbacks - in this case, through conversations with her mother, her best friend, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brother. By the time they get to the murderer's confession, it's usually (depending on how sympathetic the victim is) excruciatingly painful to watch them die. And then there's the effect their deaths have on the people around them. The mother of the victim in this episode never recovered from the blow, and the scenes where she's trying to accept the reopening of the case and of old wounds are some of the best.

3. "Rose", Doctor Who. This is a great introduction to the Doctor, through the eyes of an Everywoman character, and it's got some great paranoia fuel. But the reason I list it here is quite simply because of this speech:

Do you know like we were saying, about the earth revolving? It's like when you're a kid, the first time they tell you that the world is turning and you just can't quite believe it 'cause everything looks like it's standing still. I can feel it...the turn of the earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour. The entire planet is hurtling around the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour. And I can feel it. We're falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world. And, if we let go...That's who I am. Now forget me, Rose Tyler. Go home.
4. "Pie-lette", Pushing Daisies. There's never been a programme which got me so invested in a relationship so fast. Ned and Chuck kissed! With monkeys! But not while she was dead, because that would have been creepy. And Ned's mother and Chuck's father both keeled over tragically! Andandand Chuck makes Emerson split the money three ways! And basically I have nothing but squee for this programme. It's like a fairy-tale, it even looks like the bright and shiny world of fairy-tales, it's got a narrator who comments dryly on the action. It's all about finding happiness in the face of adversity, whether that's unrequited love, requited love that's forced to live separately, or having your beloved niece horribly murdered. The pilot should perfectly exemplify the show, and "Pie-lette" does, right down to the name.

5. "Genesis", Heroes. I'm not really a big Heroes fan, to be honest, but I loved this episode. Claire's steady, determined attempts to kill herself; Peter's insistence that he can fly (and how brilliantly subverted that is). I loved Niki for the first few episodes, before I got tired of her repetitive plot. Nathan's twisty ways - not entirely on show here, but you get to see how he takes time out in the middle of a busy day to satisfy his brother's whim. The seeds of Angela's manipulations are sown. And of course, there's the introduction to Hiro, who is prime dork and I love him for it.
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The New Adventures of Supertemp
by [ profile] athousandwinds
Donna Noble, post-Journey's End

"You're wonderful," he says. "You're special. You don't believe me, but it's true. You're Donna Noble."

The New Adventures of Supertemp )
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[ profile] fannish5Crossover relationships: Match five characters with their soulmates - from another fandom.


1. Alec (Swordspoint)/Marian (Robin Hood 2006). Alec desperately, desperately wants to protect the women in his life. Unusually for a male (anti-)hero, he does that by giving them tools to defend themselves rather than doing it directly. He failed with his sister Janine, so he forces Janine's daughter Katherine to take fencing lessons (and before long Katherine's protecting other women herself). He can't sponsor Flavia's education openly any more, so he founds a scholarship/mathematics chair for women.

Marian - you see where I'm going with this - is an explicitly feminist kick-arse swordswoman. Alec would love her. Marian would initially be infuriated by his attitude (because, let's face it, Alec's a bastard), but she'd probably end up seeing his hidden depths. She did with Robin, after all. I can't see Robin's hidden depths. Also, she'd probably be thrown off by the fact of his agreeing with her and not patronising her (well, not more than he normally would).

The only fly in the ointment is that Marian's as manipulative as hell and Alec needs a straight-shooter. Hmmmm.

2. John Hilliard (Strange Meeting)/Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket). He's an emotionally-repressed WWI soldier with a dysfunctional family and a lost love. She's an almost pathologically kind-hearted teenage girl with a talent for getting along with almost everybody. Hilliard kind of makes me think of Hatori in the same situation: completely closed-off to any kind of emotional support (not that he's getting it anyway) until he meets this one person. Tohru would be amazing at getting Hilliard to open up - think of how Hatori, Kureno and Yuki (all repressive types) respond to her. And he's a solicitous friend, even if he's not particularly good at helping. He'd look after her in the way she needs, which is that she works too hard and someone has to make her stop.

3. The Doctor (Doctor Who)/Miles Vorkosigan (the Vorkosigan books). Because they're both hyperactive, they both have the same method of procedure (make it up as you go along) and they both tend to take command by virtue of sheer arrogance. They also both have insanely loyal followers who frequently fall in love with them; the only difference is that Miles has more. Then again, the Doctor has quality-control. If they ever met, they'd likely be annoyed to death by each other. The Doctor would have an especially strong reaction: "You're a soldier?!" If Miles were a companion, he would probably attempt to change his own timeline. The Doctor might throw a fit like he did with Adam in "The Long Game"; possibly Miles would manage to charm his way out of it. Really, Miles is more likely to end up as a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart figure:

"Oh, you're back? Where've you been? I saved the universe five times while you were gone, you idiot!"

The Doctor would quickly start referring to Ivan as "that-idiot-Ivan" and it would infuriate Miles because hey, it's not like the Doctor's family. Only family (and the rest of the galaxy) get to call Ivan that.

...I bet the Doctor has a massive geeky historical crush on Cordelia, though. Like he did on Madame de Pompadour. And he'd keel over dead if she actually asked him to tea, omg. And Cordelia would so have the Doctor's number within five seconds of meeting him.

4. Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire)/Katherine Talbert (The Privilege of the Sword). Basically, Katherine is the knight of Sansa's dreams. I don't say Katherine's fencing foil would be much use against, say, Gregor, but she could totally take Littlefinger. And Katherine has experience defending rape victims. The Swordsman's Tragedy is exactly the sort of tosh Sansa would love; Katherine adores it. It would be Katherine/Artemisia all over again, but playing for higher stakes.

5. Count D (Petshop of Horrors)/Cain Hargreaves (Count Cain). It was a match made in heaven (Cain is clearly a cat in human form, from D's shop, given as a present from Alexis to Augusta) right up until the point where D discovered Cain was testing his poisons on animals. So he gave him a puppy, the sweetest dog in the world, who adored Cain and learnt to untie his shoelaces and snuffled at Cain's hands and licked his face when he was sad. And then the puppy grew up and turned out to be a rottweiler. Cain redeemed himself, though, when he decided he loved the dog regardless, and D gave him back his puppy. I am aware that this sounds crazy to anyone who doesn't know both fandoms, by the way. Very, very aware.
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Doctor Who 4x12, The Stolen Earth )

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Things which are annoying me today:

- failing tests on fucking hygiene
- my complete failure to memorise quotes from Doctor Faustus
- people who get into Torchwood without knowing (or, more to the point, caring) about Doctor Who

Yes, I know that last one is petty and elitist. No, I don't care.
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...I just stayed up all night arguing about RTD's inclusion of GLBTQI characters in Doctor Who. Someone hold me down the next time I start making lists.

I don't think I've ever really loved a mod before. Oh, [ profile] thehornedgod, you are awesome.

That said, in among the rage-making, there is some really good analysis here. Also mockery and Doctor Who Gay Agenda bingo!

Things I want in the S4 finale:

- no catfighting
- one shot - just one shot! - of Martha, Rose and Donna standing together in a badass pose. Because that would be perfect for the mental fanvid I have to One Girl Revolution. If only I could make vids.
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I. I love it when I have UNEXPECTED PETER CAPALDI on my TV. *is watching old Poirot episodes*

II. Oh, hey, my parents are home from their holiday. I can no longer play rock music at full blast. On the bright side, my next-door neighbour will stop giving me dirty looks.

III. I'm re-reading Shortpacked! and I think I really shouldn't ship Ethan/Mike as much as I do.

IV. I'm reading the Doctor Who anon meme and feeling depressed. I hate being reminded why I'm not really in Doctor Who fandom. Also, it's possible to dislike River Song without being a crazy Doctor/Rose shipper. Really. I've done it. Similar for Steven Moffat.


IVb. Someone rec me genfic? I have decided that my only ships in DW are Mickey/Jake, Doctor/Master and Martha/Donna. Because Mickey/Jake is adorable with added comrades-in-arms charm; because Doctor/Master is epic; because Martha and Donna are BFF. Also, maybe some old-school shipping, but that's optional.

IVc. Okay, am reading Martha/Master fic. Heeeeee. I don't think I could ever love this pairing seriously, but otherwise WIN. (And I'm discovering some affection for Martha/Tom.)

V. Ask me my opinion of any fannish topic. Show, character, storyline, meta issues, kerfuffle, you name it, I shall opine about it.
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Dear Stephen J. Lee,

Not everyone speaks French as well as you do. Please refrain from quoting at length untranslated documents. Aside from that, thank you.


It occurs to me that I can argue a decent case for Louis XIV causing the French Revolution. Yeah, I don't like him.

Meme! ganked from [ profile] enaranie

1. Maedhros (The Silmarillion)
2. Mrs Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
3. Alec (Swordspoint)
4. Marian (Robin Hood 2006)
5. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
6. Éowyn (The Lord of the Rings)
7. Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
8. Juliet Capulet (Romeo x Juliet)
9. Much (Robin Hood 2006)
10. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

meme! )

You know, I've been reading up on Anne Boleyn and I can't help suspecting she made some sort of deal with the devil. "You will only have your life's goal for three years and will die unfairly maligned; in exchange, your daughter will be called the greatest monarch England has ever had and you will be able to mock your husband and your other enemies from beyond the grave."
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List 12 characters from different fandoms first. (No cheating!) Then answer the questions under the cut.

1. Mel Beeby (Angels Unlimited)
2. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
3. Amon (Witch Hunter Robin)
4. Curio (Romeo x Juliet)
5. Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
6. Tony Stark (Iron Man - film canon)
7. Mrs Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
8. Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)
9. Emily Byrd Starr (Emily of New Moon)
10. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
11. Cain Hargreaves (Count Cain)
12. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

fun for all the family! )

Eh, how about the DVD commentary meme? Comment here with a story of mine you'd like to see me talk about. If there are any. :-s
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Things which have pleased me today:

Sontar-HA! (I've been doing the Sontaran haka all day. It's addictive.);

I've finished the fic I was writing and I don't hate it;

BRIAN BLESSED was on my favourite telly programme last night and will be on it again today;


Five Things Toby Wished He Didn't Remember
Sweeney Todd, Toby.
580 words. Section titles from the musical Les Misérables.

five things toby wished he didn't remember )
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Thoughts on today's Doctor Who, in brief: God, I love it when DW gets political.

Slightly longer thoughts on the TV guide's summary thereof: spoilers under the cut )

*sigh* To get my mind off that - DVD commentary meme, anyone? Comment here with the title of a fic I've written and I'll write commentary for it.
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4x02, The Fires of Pompeii )

Wouldn't it be awesome if at one point the Doctor actually did end up in Rome? By which I mean, late in the Claudian period, so Derek Jacobi could play Claudius?


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