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On the Seas to Troy by Caroline B. Cooney )

Also, it mentioned Medea (the love interest's mother, who's even worse than Helen) and actually made me like Aeneas. I know. But he's rather sweet here, and you end up with a mental image of him swordfighting his enemies while holding a baby Pleisthenes under his other arm. Marvellous.
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First line meme! Post the first line from all of your WiPs.

"The Bartons were welcoming, as Hilliard had been told they would be, though their eyes sometimes flickered over Hilliard's stripes and then up to his face as if they expected to see another – they did, of course."
- mostly involving Hilliard wandering round the Bartons' house being confused by all these well-adjusted people.

"Curio woke in – not darkness, exactly, but light blurred and dimmed in his vision, blotching purple and green as he blinked."
- five times Curio and Francisco quarrelled, part one of something which will probably never see the light of day.

"i. love suffereth long, and is kind"
- Richard/Alec, drabbles to the tune of I Corinthians 13, at which they fail.

"Haven't we met, you're some kind of beautiful stranger…"
- involving AU!Superhero!Noldor, Fingon apparently liking Madonna, don't ask

"I’ll never forget the day that bastard walked into my office."
- Noir!Elves AU, with Haleth as a hard-boiled PI investigating the theft of three priceless diamonds from a mob family, the Finwions.

"It was a pleasant domestic scene, such as might be found in any household on Kearny's Lane."
- Johanna manipulating the fuck out of Anthony. "I'll get some lye", indeed.

"She was so young in those days, a lovely little slip of a thing."
- this one about Mrs Lovett having an abortion

"His mother took one look at Johanna, wrapped up in a black shawl he'd bought from a pedlar on the road, and tutted."
- part of a potentially longer fic where Anthony tries to come to terms with the fact that his shiny new princess is irredeemably fucked-up.

"It is an assured fact that most English (or indeed, to give Moriarty and O'Hara their due, Irish) schoolboys will work hard, love honour and boxing, and above all, play the game."
- PG Wodehouse's school stories, which was a gift for someone. Never really worked out.

"Their hotel room in Pisa has a balcony and costs twice as much for that very reason."
- an Amon/Robin travelogue, post-series.

"The sights I could show thee, O sailor far from home
Who hath cross'd the blue sea in but a coracle."
- Medea/Jason scrapbook fic, part of which I'm trying to write in hexameter (as above), but I can't even face dactylic hexameter.

"“I don’t think I like myself any more,” he said in a faraway voice, so young and trembling like the aftermath of a storm."
- Nine meets Ovid, post-Time War.

""The TARDIS threw me out," the Doctor said mournfully, his hand on the doorbell."
- a weird Ten/Martha fic

"Thirty-three seconds ago, Donna was screaming for help."
- what time means to the Doctor.
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The Cadmeian Cycle
by [ profile] athousandwinds. Written for [ profile] iambic5 at [ profile] pornandkittens.
Zeus/Semele, Artemis/Actaeon, Dionysus/Pentheus. Rated 18.

Those whom the gods favour die young. The House of Cadmus enjoys an unusual amount of favour from the gods.

The Cadmeian Cycle )
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It would be unutterably stupid and arrogant of me to try and write Greek myth fic in dactylic hexameter, wouldn't it. Greater poets than me have tried and failed not been entirely successful. Why would I be? It would undoubtedly be horrible.

I kind of want to write a story where Shaw tries to woo Lucas with poetry written in dactylic hexameter and Lucas sends it back pointing out how awful it is. Because he would.
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From the Dryden translation of the Aeneid. I'm so sorry.

Today is Shakespeare's (probable) birthday and (almost certain) deathday. Therefore, because I get these things backwards, I'm going to talk about Virgil.

Virgil = ...I was going to say, "awesome", but a) that word is overused and b) I really, really hate Aeneas. So Virgil = great. He had excellent taste in politicians (he has a blatant crush on Augustus which is totally understandable) and had the Best Patron Ever, Maecenas.

The reason I want to talk about Virgil is because we recently finished reading Book 10 of the Aeneid in Classics.

cut for excessive quotation and heartmarks )

TL;DR: Screw Pallas. Lausus and Mezentius are where it's at.
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cut for size issues )

One of the reasons I love Oedipus Tyrannus so much, quite apart from all that stuff about how perfectly structured it is (Aristotle had fangasms over it), is how well the story fits with its protagonist. One of the themes of it is the choice between happy lies and harsh truth. Oedipus himself is pretty damn happy with the world at the start of the play, despite the plague in Thebes, he's got a wife he obviously loves and four children he just as clearly adores. (The daughters, at least, we don't see his relationship with his sons.) At the end of it, of course, he's discovered that he murdered his father (bringing down the plague on the city), has married his mother (who has hanged herself) and his children are also his siblings (and since he's being exiled from the city, he won't be allowed to see them any more). Oh, yeah, and now he's stabbed his own eyes out. But...

At the beginning of the play, Oedipus declares his determination to root out the cause of the plague and asks the Thebans to put their trust in him. Because - "I am Oedipus!" who saved them from the Sphinx. At the end, he declares himself a broken man, but still - "I am Oedipus!" Now he's blind, he sees himself clearly and while he's shamed before the entire city, he owns himself, now more than ever. He's done terrible things - unknowingly, not that that saves him from the wrath of the gods - but he faces up to and lives with them. At the end of the play he reaches out to the people of Thebes, who still love him even knowing all of this. Throughout the play Oedipus's search for truth at the expense of his own comfort keeps him sympathetic (important, when he's threatening to beat up an old blind man). He thinks he may have killed Laius, bringing down his own curse upon his head; he believes he is the son of a slave, but he keeps investigating when other people would have quietly closed down the inquiry and perhaps let the plague run its course. Contrast with Jocasta, who figures out that Oedipus is her son long before he does and begs him to stop it. She would rather live in blissful ignorance than have proof and pays the price for it.

I think what I'm trying to say boils down to two things:

1. the play Oedipus Tyrannus is so much more complex and interesting than "dude fucked his mom". The actual incest is so far from the point it isn't even funny.

2. Oedipus = my favourite character in Greek myth. Ever.

Also, that old blind man? Had it coming.
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Title: Aponoia
Day/Theme: 8th September/"Twin stars"
Series: Greek myth
Character/Pairing: Castor and Pollux
Rating: PG

( Notes )

( Aponoia means Despair )


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