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Carrying the Bat
by [ profile] athousandwinds
Christopher/Millie, Chrestomanci  |  ~1800 words
"To carry the bat: an opener who is not out at the end of the innings is said to have done this."

Millie is trying to deal with a petitioner. Christopher isn't in the mood.

the Englishman at his best )
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i. I'm going to uni to get out of the kitchen, aren't I? How did I end up in catering?

ii. Hamlet was awesome, not least because I saw it with [ profile] just_marzipan. *waves* Just to show you how much of a dork I am, I posted about it on the anonmeme the moment I got home.

iii. [ profile] fannish5: What are your five favourite book cover designs or book cover illustrations? Book covers are weirdly important to me, though they're not the be-all and end-all. I was put off reading romance (still am, a bit) because of the horrible, horrible clinch covers. I can't tell you how many fantasy novels I've prevaricated over buying because the covers were so boring and generic.

1. Paul Kidby's anything, but especially Night Watch and Thud! I truly hope Paul Kidby carries out his threat of redesigning the covers of all the Discworld books, because I'd love to see what he makes of them. Terry Pratchett's not had much luck with covers (Josh Kirby's bizarre, weird-looking people, the boring American ones, the even more boring UK black covers) but he's struck gold in Paul Kidby.

2. The Worlds of Chrestomanci covers. They always have a centrepiece, usually Chrestomanci, and around him the world swirls. I don't care for the art so much as the idea behind it, though. And they've been redesigned, too, so now they look horrible and brightly-coloured and boring.

3. I really like the new Georgette Heyer covers. They all have a single unified theme - a painting of Regency women, with cursive handwriting spelling out the title. I suppose they could look a bit alike, and I see how it could get confusing...but they're so classy and neat and clean and it's clear that what you see is what you get.

4. Wicked! I think everyone knows this one - I like it because it takes the run-of-the-mill picture-of-protagonist fantasy novel cover and turns it into something not new, but different. I love the contrast of colours and how it suggests the contrast between Glinda and Elphaba.

5. The Handmaid's Tale. This is creepily effective (I thought I'd have nightmares after seeing it the first time, and I was so glad it wasn't the cover of my copy), and symbolic of the book's major preoccupation (a woman with her mouth sewn shut). That said, look at the latest cover. Yes, they did make The Handmaid's Tale look like your average supermarket quirky romance novel. I know.


Jan. 12th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I forgot to do a round-up of the Yuletide fics I wrote:

Snow White and Rose Red (What Katy Did | Clover/Rose Red)
"O, my luve is like a red, red rose/That's newly sprung in June." Clover and Rose Red are living a dream.

Spider's Web (Greco-Roman mythology | Odysseus/Penelope)
Odysseus thinks that it was all his own idea. Penelope knows better.

Adore Our Own Athena (The Odyssey | Odysseus/Penelope, implied Odysseus/Athena/Penelope)
Penelope takes comfort in religion. Athena fulfils her promises.

call no man happy until he is dead (Count Cain | gen, implied Riff/Cain)
At this moment, Cain is happy.

The Truth of Others (A Song of Ice and Fire | Rhaegar/Lyanna)
All people know about Rhaegar and Lyanna is what suits their purposes.

The Cub's First Cub (Devil's Cub | Vidal/Mary)
Vidal awaited the birth of his first child with characteristic patience; that is to say, none.

Some Justice (Discworld - Night Watch | Carcer, Death)
A long drop and a short stop and Carcer's always got a plan. Pity it doesn't work.

Cry for Yesterday (The Chronicles of Narnia | Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter)
Susan finds it hard to cope with normal life. Lucy just doesn't want to.

A Splendid Orgy (Venetia | Damerel/Venetia)
The aftermath of a frankly magnificent orgy.

Something Less Than Ideal (Arthurian legend | Galahad, implied pairings)
Galahad's vow of chastity doesn't stop him wanting. Even if he wants to.

do not take thy flight (Emily of New Moon | Dean/Emily)
During their engagement, Dean is free to indulge in some adoration.

Claustrophobia (Swordspoint | Alec/Richard)
After the events of Swordspoint, Alec lies awake.

Mistletoe and Wine (Eight Days of Luke | Luke/David)
Luke comes home for Christmas.

the physicians of a mind diseased (The Secret History | Francis, Francis/Charles)
Francis loves words. He just wishes they worked for him.

Like David and Jonathan (The Bible - Old Testament | David/Jonathan)
"Like David and Jonathan". But what does that actually mean?

Turnabout (Chrestomanci - The Lives of Christopher Chant | Rosalie/Mordecai)
During TLoCC, Rosalie and Mordecai have a short, but quite important, conversation.

The Time For Parting Come (Chrestomanci - The Lives of Christopher Chant | Millie/Christopher)
Millie is going away to school again. Christopher sulks.

Duologue For Would-Be Lovers (Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet | Romeo/Mercutio)
Romeo pines. Mercutio taunts him, to his own ultimate detriment.

The Wandering Jamie (The Homeward Bounders | Jamie, implied Jamie/Helen)
Jamie moves on.

Persuasion (The Prisoner of Zenda | Rupert of Hentzau/Count of Luzau-Rischenheim)
The Count of Luzau-Rischenheim, I am sorry to say, was entirely under Rupert's thumb.

Out of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia | Lucy)
Lucy, not feeling very valiant at all.
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[ profile] 31_days again. *yawn*

Title: Tread Softly
Day/Theme: 7th August/"You would think that she is walking upon eggs and green bottles"
Series: Chrestomanci
Character/Pairing: Millie/Christopher
Rating: PG

( tread softly, for you tread upon my dreams )


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