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I think I want to write AU where Mulan is an enforcer for a Triad and Shang is her Deputy Mountain Master (Triads have the best job titles).

I have never seen Mulan. This may be a problem.

And also I want to write AU fic where the Disney princesses are Mafia people. Like Belle is consigliere to the Beast's boss, and Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White are caporegimes for Maleficent or something.
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Comment with a fandom and I'll tell you my:
One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
"When all is said and done" Ship:

I've been getting into Phoenix Wright over the last week or so.
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Is it normal to be this much in love with Miles Edgeworth after playing the first game?

I kind of want BleakHouse!AU, with Miles and Phoenix as the latest in a long line of lawyers in an inheritance suit and the long, slogging hours of paperwork conducted in cravats and waistcoats.
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Putin denies being a Dancing Queen

Best headline ever, or bestest headline ever? The story's not bad, too. Putin denies ever having secretly gone to an Abba tribute gig. NO RLY I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.
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Name 5 characters you would not want to trade lives with.

God, where do I start?

1. Johanna, Sweeney Todd. Groomed for molestation by her father-figure, forced into a mental asylum (one of my personal nightmares) with a serial killer biological father and a mad prostitute bio mum, in danger of her life from an insane murderer and finally getting to run away with a guy she's just met and who has no real idea of just what kind of hell she's been through.

(I really should write that post-musical fic where Johanna starts stabbing people right and left with her needlework scissors.)

2. Basil Hallward, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Or anyone Dorian screws over, really, Sibyl Vane or Adrian Singleton or Alan Campbell. At least Sibyl Vane and Alan Campbell get to kill themselves, though. Basil gets to be hopelessly in love with Dorian for years and to be murdered by him at the moment he realises exactly what Dorian is (and what Dorian has done to his awesome painting).

3. John Hilliard, Strange Meeting. He goes through life so painfully repressed it's hard to bear (for the reader, anyway). When he finally does find someone he can open up to, first he quarrels with them and then they die. (That's not even a spoiler: it's blatantly obvious from the moment Barton walks onto the page that someone as cheerful and good-natured as he is in a WWI novel is doomed to be first demoralised and then killed brutally.)

4. Buffy. Just...Buffy.

5. Anyone from Watchmen. Especially Rorschach. The others all have compensations for their miserable existences (philosophy, vast riches, love) but Rorschach, no. I think that's why I find him even more disturbing than the Comedian; at least the Comedian gets some enjoyment out of life, however loathesome.

Oh, I should post my Porn Battle entries:

Keys to the Kingdom [Sweeney Todd, Johanna/Anthony]

'Tis Pity She's a Whore [Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin/Lucy Barker]

Right is Might [Raffles, Raffles/Bunny]

Entertaining Angels Unawares [The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian/Basil]

Transatlantic Relations [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Adventures in Academia [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Lost in Translation [Indiana Jones/The Mummy, Alex/Mutt]

Thou Shalt Not [Robin Hood, Marian/Guy]

Five Minutes in Six Hours [Cold Case, Lilly/Scotty]

Lesbian Massage Thingummybob [Coupling, Jane/Sally/Susan]

pan metron ariston [Maurice, Maurice/Clive]
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So bored. And I'm not on my own laptop, so I can't mess around as much as I'd like. Instead, I've been doing that thing where I read pairing fic for fandoms in which I have no interest and end up developing OTPs for series of which I have no knowledge.

With that in mind, er, does anyone have recs for Balthier/Basch fic?

At some point, I have to post my answers to prompts for [ profile] oxoniensis's <a href=">Porn Battle VII</a>. I wrote Mutt/Alex! \o/ No one else did, though. D: Anyone want a drabble?
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Okay, it may not sound like much, but I've had the misfortune to live near the sea in all the places I've lived - it never snows, and, if it does, it never sticks.

If my train gets cancelled because of it, I'm gonna cut a bitch.
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I'm back in Liverpool for the weekend, ostensibly to collect my contact lenses, in reality more to do with the fact that I won't be seeing my parents til Easter otherwise. *sigh*

Ganked from - somewhere, at least.

Give me a character and the number 5 or the number 10. I'll give you five things or ten words (according to your preference). Might be free-association. Might be a sentence. Might be something that reminds me of the character. Might be bands character likes in my head. I don't know what you'll get. But definitely something! ...and if there are 5 specific things or 10 words you'd like me to devote to a particular topic, do feel free to include a prompt of some sort.
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No, really. There's just something about sitting down to an exam paper with questions like "Was Khrushchev a reformer?" and "Is 'stagnation' a useful term to use in reference to Brezhnev's rule?" that puts me in a good mood.

And now I'm free!

Things I should probably do before I go home for the weekend:

Tidy room
Use/Drink/Donate milk to orphanage
Speak to my personal tutor about changing modules
Obtain copy of Mediaeval Romances
Buy train ticket
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I really can't bring myself to go to bed any more. D: It's 3 o'clock, do you know where your children are?
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My latest idea for my magnum opus:

So there's this guy, right, who's a Communist party official in the 1970s and he gets persecuted for pissing his superiors off and eventually gets sent to the gulags. Only in the 1990s he's released just in time to take advantage of the capitalist boom and becomes a kajillionaire. Then he takes revenge.

This is what happens when I watch bad adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo while revising for exams on the Soviet Union.

I also watched As You Like It – the Kenneth Branagh version – which I have very mixed feelings about.

cut for length )
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It's not even just a frontpage, there's been dedication involved in making that site. I am inordinately amused.

Also, I've been watching Inspector Morse ( opposed to revising) and ha, so I'll be watching Lewis as well when it comes back on. Because I love him.
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Things to do today:

Get shower (Oh, my God, a ten-minute shower should not flood the corridor. I'm going to kill maintenance.)
Tidy room (It's mostly done. Mostly.)
Revise de-Stalinisation and Khrushchev
No, really, tidy room
Do laundry
Do washing up
Make Much/Marian icons
Eat something

And it's already 10am!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] elspethelf! I hope you've had a wonderful day, one with lots of cake.
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Robin Hood fandom, you disappoint me. Guy/Marian vids all over Youtube and not one to "Killing Me Softly"? Or "I Can't Decide"?

It's been over a year, I can totally joke about it now.

On the other hand, you have produced a Guy/Marian vid to How to Handle a Woman, which means I forgive you. I adore the Camelot soundtrack to ridiculous levels.

*off to look for Much/Marian vids*
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Drabble meme!

Comment to this post with a fandom (/pairing/prompt) that I know and I'll write you a drabble in it.

I'm very bored right now.
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I just made two Sweeney Todd icons, so, you know, GIP.

I have a whole list of books I need to talk about and I still haven't started my [ profile] 31_days theme exchange fics yet. *bites nails* I'm mostly in that state of frozen panic I always get into the week before exams, when I can't quite bring myself to revise, but if I do anything else I feel horribly guilty.
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Ah, IMDb! So amazingly stupid.

"Here we have a "racy" look at a dysfunctional Victorian family, with a sympathetic pitch for an adulterous, manipulative wife accused of murder; she is "only following my nature" and laments that society will punish her for it. So who is the real culprit? Why, a fat, homosexual, woman-hating, mother-hating transvestite! The film might as well have been made in 1955, for all the new insight it sheds on Victorian mores. How much more daring -- and logical! -- if the gay member of the family ("only following my nature") had been made the sympathetic victim, instead of the filmmakers' scapegoat."

Sometimes you just have to giggle. Or cry. I went with *facepalm*.
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Tonight I have learnt about the concepts of felix culpa and eucatastrophe. Now I can sleep happy.
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@ [ profile] the_shoveller:

What does Robert Service mean when he says:

"The problems of state organisation that had arisen in the 1930s remained unresolved. The party's role was yet again controversial and this time the protagonists were Zhdanov and Malenkov. Zhdanov wished to restore the party's role in selecting governmental cadres and in mobilising society whereas Malenkov opposed an increase in the party's authority and wished to keep the party organised along the lines of branches of the economy."

I get mostly what Malenkov's position is, but Zhdanov's seems to be a case where I understand what all the words mean individually, but not when they're written in that order.


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