Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Tonight I have learnt about the concepts of felix culpa and eucatastrophe. Now I can sleep happy.
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Ah, IMDb! So amazingly stupid.

"Here we have a "racy" look at a dysfunctional Victorian family, with a sympathetic pitch for an adulterous, manipulative wife accused of murder; she is "only following my nature" and laments that society will punish her for it. So who is the real culprit? Why, a fat, homosexual, woman-hating, mother-hating transvestite! The film might as well have been made in 1955, for all the new insight it sheds on Victorian mores. How much more daring -- and logical! -- if the gay member of the family ("only following my nature") had been made the sympathetic victim, instead of the filmmakers' scapegoat."

Sometimes you just have to giggle. Or cry. I went with *facepalm*.
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I just made two Sweeney Todd icons, so, you know, GIP.

I have a whole list of books I need to talk about and I still haven't started my [livejournal.com profile] 31_days theme exchange fics yet. *bites nails* I'm mostly in that state of frozen panic I always get into the week before exams, when I can't quite bring myself to revise, but if I do anything else I feel horribly guilty.
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Drabble meme!

Comment to this post with a fandom (/pairing/prompt) that I know and I'll write you a drabble in it.

I'm very bored right now.
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Robin Hood fandom, you disappoint me. Guy/Marian vids all over Youtube and not one to "Killing Me Softly"? Or "I Can't Decide"?

It's been over a year, I can totally joke about it now.

On the other hand, you have produced a Guy/Marian vid to How to Handle a Woman, which means I forgive you. I adore the Camelot soundtrack to ridiculous levels.

*off to look for Much/Marian vids*
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] elspethelf! I hope you've had a wonderful day, one with lots of cake.


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