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i. Quick question: does anyone know where Cain from Count Cain is actually earl of? IIRC, he just gets called "Earl Hargreaves", which, while understandable, makes no sense. He should be Cain C. Hargreaves, Earl of ______. (And while we're at it, does anyone know what the C. stands for? I'm almost certain Kaori Yuki mentions it in one of the sidenotes.)

ii. In other news, I wrote Coriolanus fic for the [ profile] ides_of_april ficathon, which is for the Greek and Roman plays. Proud of This Pride, Coriolanus/Aufidius, 12. (A triptych depicting a proud man.)

iii. More importantly, I got wonderful fic written for me! brother Cassius is by [ profile] casablancagirl and is a lovely, mind-screwy Brutus fic. The prose is gorgeous and evocative and it's a beautiful glimpse into the Brutus/Cassius relationship, with all its subtext and manipulativeness and seeming closeness.

iv. Also, I feel I should rec Dreaming Spires, because it is Brutus and Cassius as OXFORD DONS and you know that sort of thing can't be bad.

v. And this Titus Andronicus HIGH SCHOOL AU, Fourth Quarter Comeback (by [ profile] the_alchemist) because. you understand. it's like that one version of Othello with Josh Hartnett in it. It should be wrong, but then you have Parents Against Goths ("I'm so goth I was born black") and it ends up awesome.

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Date: 2009-04-22 12:33 am (UTC)
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If I remember correctly, Kaori Yuki glosses over the fine details in the manga, and I don't think it's actually mentioned anywhere where his estate is etc.

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Date: 2009-04-22 02:06 am (UTC)
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Hmmm. One fansite I've looked at suggests that the estate is in Cornwall, but I'm not sure it works, since the Duke of Cornwall (one of the lesser titles of the Prince of Wales) presumably owns the whole county.

...I am way overthinking this.

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Date: 2009-04-22 02:31 am (UTC)
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I love Yuki, but she's really not known for historical accuracy. She's more of an "pick and omit" sort of researcher when it comes to getting ready to write.

Have you read Fairy Cube?

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Date: 2009-04-22 07:59 pm (UTC)
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That's true, what with the French maid called Siobhan and so on. It's really more for my own satisfaction.

I have not! Is it...I hesitate to ask if it's any good, but is it any fun?

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Date: 2009-04-22 11:35 pm (UTC)
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It's really, really pretty, so check it out if only for the art. Yuki Kaori takes a healthy bite out of the Irish faery myth, then wanders absent-mindedly away and vaguely in the direction of a plot. It has solid characters, if anything, and it's a fun read as well.


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